MARMIND Included in Now Tech: Marketing Resource Management, Q1 2022 Report

The Marketing Resource Management (MRM) provider is listed amongst 28 vendors

Patrick Moser

MARMIND has been added to Forrester's Now Tech: Marketing Resource Management, Q1 2022 report for the first time. The Forrester Now Tech: Marketing Resource Management, Q1 2022 report has been created to help marketers understand the value they can expect from an MRM provider, and to select one based on size and functionality.

Forrester defines the MRM category as: "A tool or suite of tools that enables marketers to manage planning and budgeting, project and program management, collaboration and calendaring, content production, asset management, and performance analytics."

The report analyses the MRM market based on market presence & primary functionality. The latter is broken down into three segments: Money tools (budget allocation & spend management), People tools (project management, collaboration & calendaring) & Content tools (storage, management & distribution). MARMIND has been listed in all three primary functionality segments. MARMIND's sample customers were listed as AAA, Deutsche Telekom, Mondi & Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe, and our vertical market focuses as Manufacturing, FMCG/retail and travel; financial services, insurance, and banking.

"To be recognized amongst other players in the MRM space is an honor. Having seen large success across Europe, MARMIND has managed to grow a global customer base. We believe this is a recognition of those efforts,'' said Patrick Moser, Managing Director at MARMIND.

"This is only the beginning for MARMIND; we are now 100% focused on expanding our U.S. operations, which will fund our next level of growth," continues Moser.

For more information on the Forrester Now Tech: Marketing Resource Management, Q1 2022 report, please visit Forrester's website here.



MARMIND® is a leading Marketing Resource Management platform that empowers marketers worldwide to optimize resources and maximize results. 

The only marketing cockpit to create seamless workflows for planning, budgeting, and result analysis across point solutions, departments, and locations, MARMIND® enables businesses to make better decisions. 

Relying on a large network of marketing experts and technology partners, we offer complementary consulting, implementation, and support services to ensure that our customers have everything they need to master their marketing.

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