Markisa Lane Announces the Launch of Intelligent Bookkeeping

Markisa Lane aims at bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and reliable and competent bookkeeping for their business.

Intelligent Bookkeeping

Lisa Delgado from Markisa Lane is releasing the brand new Intelligent Bookkeeping line of finance spreadsheets, and each product will be individually made by the designer herself. Intelligent Bookkeeping will be released on April 15, 2017.

This passion driven company aims at handling and lifting the burden of the excess work encountered during bookkeeping through the use of its coordinating spreadsheet templates.

Thus, for the first time, Lisa Delgado has created an entire product line of her favorite and most popular bookkeeping solutions. The new Intelligent Bookkeeping line is scheduled to go live on April 15, 2017.

The Intelligent Bookkeeping line is tailored for busy handmade crafters, artisans, digital download sellers, vintage and other sellers who offer items for resale so they can spend less time on bookkeeping and more time following their creative passion.  The spreadsheets are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other to allow business owners the ability to complete bookkeeping tasks quickly and easily.

Her collection also includes an invoice template, expense tracking, income statement form, sales orders in process reports, and small business tax guides to complement the main suite of bookkeeping solutions.

In addition to creating a platform where bookkeeping difficulties can be addressed and assessed at any time, Markisa Lane outlines some of the benefits of its services; user friendly system, efficient, insightful, no manual calculations as well as the ability to adapt to the customer’s specific needs.

Each individual solution has its own name. A few examples are:

  • Intelligent Bookkeeping for Vintage & Resellers​
  • Intelligent Bookkeeping for Handmade Sellers
  • Intelligent Bookkeeping for Digital Download Sellers
  • Enhanced Sales Management

Intelligent Bookkeeping ranges in price from $10 to $100.

For more information about Intelligent Bookkeeping or for an interview with Lisa Delgado, please write to Media high-res photos available upon request.

About Markisa Lane

Lisa Delgado started this company because of her love of accounting and a big drive to provide solutions to small businesses battling with inadequate, cumbersome bookkeeping.

For additional info about Markisa Lane, visit or call 315-440-4420.

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About Markisa Lane

Markisa Lane creates finance solutions for small businesses. Each of our products gives you the ability to complete recurring bookkeeping tasks quickly without the need for manual calculations.

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