Marketing Is Broken. Primal.Live Is the Fix

World-class marketers convene at NeueHouse in NYC to teach and apply the unifying theory for branding.

Patrick Hanlon

The best brands in the world have often been described as having religious followers. Their customers — seemingly blind to other options — consistently choose these brands over others.

Attendees dig into this phenomenon at the first Primal.Live event happening on Nov. 8 at NeueHouse Madison Square in New York City.

If one were to start a religion today, one should start with Primal.Live.

Joseph Perello, Co-founder, Primal.Live

"Brands are belief systems. Believe it or not," says Patrick Hanlon, author of Primal Branding, which decodes the seminal construct for building communities around people, places, and things.

The supporting Primal principles are not new; rather, they are the underpinnings of belief systems that have been in existence for thousands of years, only recently revealed in Hanlon's book, "Primal Branding" (Simon & Schuster) and applied by the greatest storytellers ever: modern religion. This proven community-building construct can be applied to products and services, political candidates, destinations, cities and even ideas.

"If one were to start a religion today, one would start with Primal.Live," says Joseph Perello, a co-founder of the one-day immersion session. 

Primal.Live is not a conference. Instead, it is an intensely interactive work session for those seeking to build apostolic brands. 

Joining Hanlon and Perello are other Primal practitioners, including some of the world's best and most provocative marketers and story-tellers from Google, R/GA, YouTube, political campaigners and others. They include:

Jon Bond, The Shipyard

Jon is the co-chairman of The Shipyard. He was a co-founder of Kirshenbaum + Bond, the first "word-of-mouth" agency. Jon was voted number four by Adweek's Executive of the Decade in 2010. And KBP was named agency of the year in 2008. He's remained an entrepreneur, become a philanthropist and he's always prepared to speak his mind. 

Rachel Lightfoot Melby, Google

Rachel is the global brand strategist for Google. She leads an innovative new development team at YouTube, focused on social media stars and celebrity growth. Her team’s mission is to bring the world’s most beloved personalities and events to the platform, where they can share their stories with the world. She’s helped YouTube superstars, Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurs improve their online brand and build zealous communities.

Steve Schmidt, MSNBC / Edelman

Stephen is an American campaign strategist and public relations executive. He specializes in political message development and strategy. Schmidt was the senior campaign strategist and advisor to the 2008 presidential campaign of Senator John McCain and was the subject of the book and film "Game Change" on HBO. He is currently a political analyst for MSNBC.

Carly Rullman Walsh, Vox Media

Carly is communications leader at Vox Media, an innovative media company, Vox Creative and publisher-led marketplace, Concert. Much of her career has been in advertising, including agencies like Goodby Silverstein & Partners and most recently, Droga5. She's worked with Google Pixel, The New York Times, Prudential and Under Armour, she continues to illustrate the powerful pull of a great story. 

Pat Stern, Props

Pat is the founder of Props, an innovative creator and content technology platform. Leading agencies like R/GA, TBWA MediaLab and iCrossing, he's worked with some of the best brands in the world including Apple, Nike and Wal-mart. Pat's award-winning work includes the highly acclaimed and massively successful "Get a Mac" campaign created for Steve Jobs and Apple.

Sandra Heikkinen Glading, GrubHub
Sandra is the director of public relations at Grubhub, where she is responsible for driving all aspects of the company's internal and external communication efforts. Prior to Grubhub, she led Google's vertical PR program, helping to launch Google Express and Google Flights, developed small business initiatives and collaborated with the YouTube sales team on internal/sales communications. 

Primal.Live was created by the author of Primal Branding, Patrick Hanlon, an unconventional brand strategist, design-thinker, and writer of The Social Code, Super Bowl commercials, and Forbes, Inc. magazine and Joseph Perello, an agency leader, entrepreneur, former CMO of New York City and VP of the New York Yankees.

Primal.Live is happening at NeueHouse in NYC on Nov. 8. Learn more or register at

Source: Primal.Live

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