Marketing Giant Growing Its SEO Services to Edmonton

GrowME Marketing's Edmonton SEO Page

GrowME Marketing has revealed its new Edmonton SEO webpage. 

GrowME Marketing is a Calgary-based marketing agency specializing in digital marketing, website design and branding. Through the use of SEO, Google Adwords and PPC advertising, social media marketing, GrowME helps businesses throughout Canada achieve their online marketing goals. From delivering higher rankings to increasing brand awareness and converting leads, they are the marketing company with a commitment to quality and a thirst for high-end results. 

To expand and extend its SEO service into Edmonton, GrowME decided that a newly structured page was required to explain their services and how they can help businesses of all sorts. 

The webpage was designed off the similarly-designed Calgary page, but with rewritten content, a new focus and updated information. 

The top of the page includes statistics about their successful results over the years, including how they worked with over 300 businesses, getting 100% of clients on the first page of Google, and on average, seeing clients enjoy a 350% increase in site traffic.

The following section details GrowME’s 7-Stage plan for success, including industry research, on-page and off-page optimizations, the campaign launch, and tracking and reports. Each stage can be explained by hovering the mouse over it.

Furthermore, the page explains how GrowME will make their SEO services work for Edmonton businesses, including delivering higher rankings, increased leads and traffic, as well as solving problems, including reputation management, getting off a Google penalty and any indexing or crawl errors. This section also breaks down the industries, where GrowME helped, including Lawyers, Home Improvement, Storefront and more. 

The Edmonton SEO page will provide clients with valuable information on how they will enjoy a personalized SEO service and how they can watch their business thrive with GrowME Marketing. 

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