Marketing for Video Games: All Work, All Play, Never Dull

New Australian Agency Launches, Offering Marketing and Digital Services for Gaming and Tech Companies

Game Marketing Genie

Founded by CEO Hersh Bhatt, Game Marketing Genie is a specialist gaming and tech digital marketing agency. Wunderkind Bhatt, previously of PI.EXCHANGE, has been responsible for some of the most forward-thinking AI-powered marketing tools in recent years. A newcomer to the agency arena, Game Marketing Genie’s unique positioning is twofold: its target market of gaming and tech companies and the in-house development of a marketing tech analytics tool.

Their team has been assembled from the best that the industry has to offer. Hailing from some of the most well-known international companies, Game Marketing Genie’s staff bring a variety of disciplines to the table with a heavy focus on using data to achieve goals. With an extensive folio of work beneath their respective belts, the team’s combined prowess aims to conquer uncharted territory.

“There are so many data-driven methods we use in the tech, software and app space to optimize user experience and maximize company profitability. We want to bring these modern concepts to gaming companies so that they can grow faster in a profitable manner,” Bhatt said.

For interested parties: please contact Hersh Bhatt, CEO of Game Marketing Genie, at 1 800 252 498 or

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