Marketing Experts Motus Media Announces Campaign to Promote Musician Anastasia Richardson's New Song and Video "I Am Beautiful"

New York, NY - Bullying is real and incredibly dangerous. Young talented musician Anastasia Richardson and marketing experts Motus Media, LLC are joining forces to raise awareness of bullying and help young girls and boys feel confident, cared for and loved in their own skin.

While there's certainly a growing awareness of the dangers of bullying in most communities, the fact remains, it's still a very large, serious problem.  Young musician Anastasia Richardson, after having experienced the horrors of bullying herself, has dedicated her most recent song to helping her listeners overcome bullying and love and respect themselves.  Recently, Motus Media -content creation, video seeding and user engagement experts- announced that they are sponsoring Anastasia's anti-bullying campaign.  With Anastasia’s release of her new song “I Am Beautiful”, the project is off to a great start and excitement surrounding it is very high.  “We’ve already secured at least five blog posts with authoritative relevant blogs and we’re steadily increasing the video views on her YouTube channel and noticing fantastic organic social behaviors.   The numbers are coming in nicely through our daily reporting and we’re seeing steady social traction pulled in using our motusView video player technology”.

“When I learned of Anastasia’s initiative supporting anti-bullying and the opportunity to help promote her unique talent, I wanted to jump in and help,” commented Arkady Fridman, the founder of Motus Media.  “We are delighted to join Anastasia for such a noble cause and to support young talent. We appreciate the need and the urgency of this topic, and are excited to use the power of social media engagement to facilitate this cause.”

"We're very impressed with the results from Motus Media, LLC. Everything they promised, they're delivering. It's so refreshing to see a smart, innovative advertising company that can help bring awareness to an emerging musical artist!"

Susan Dale, CEO, Earth Made Records

Anastasia is an 18 year old singer/songwriter, who is also a senior in high school.  After experiencing being bullied herself, it helped fuel her creative fires to make more people aware of how dangerous bullying can be and how it can hurt a person's self-esteem.  Her new single “I Am Beautiful” touches on these subjects, and much more in a way that's both compelling and touches the heart.

She's named her anti-bullying campaign “No Not Me” and with the combination of her phenomenal talent and the support behind the scenes of people like Motus Media, it's sure to be a success.

To view Anastasia’s self-produced music video “I Am Beautiful” click on the link below:

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