Marketing Automation to Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence, Says a New Marketing Startup

SmartKai - AI powered social media assistant

Social media marketers realize the importance of marketing automation. Marketers do not need to sit in front of a laptop at 2 a.m. to send out a targeted Facebook post. Nor do they need to jump on Twitter every 3 hours to send out a Tweet. These social media updates can be scheduled to be automatically posted. Marketing automation has enabled marketers to be more efficient, notes SmartKai, a company that is disrupting social media management tools.

But here is a surprising fact — marketing automation is a story of the past. Artificial Intelligence is replacing plain vanilla automation with smarter algorithms and SmartKai is leading the AI revolution in social media marketing.

SmartKai boasts of using IBM Watson (the famous supercomputer that won Jeopardy) along with sophisticated proprietary AI technology to save social media marketers 30 hours each month and 10x their social media impact.

Wondering how SmartKai works?

Here are the juicy details. There is also a video on SmartKai's website — — that gives more details.

First, SmartKai analyzes over a dozen factors to build and optimize the social media schedule for a user. "No two pieces of content are the same. Some posts are more engaging, some get penalized by Facebook's click-bait detection algorithm, some are better packaged, etc. SmartKai considers a number of factors when deciding what needs to be posted when," says Salil Sethi, founder of SmartKai and an MIT grad.

Second, the tool intelligently reuses the evergreen content to make sure each content piece gets maximum exposure. On average less than 5 percent of people see a post each time it is shared. By re-posting it again, SmartKai increases the total audience that can engage with the content.

"The important thing to keep in mind here is that SmartKai intelligently re-uses evergreen content. There are tools in the market that recycle evergreen content. But these tools fall in the simple marketing automation category. We make sure the content that does best and is engaging gets better distribution using AI," says Sethi.

Third, SmartKai uses some AI magic to create highly engaging posts. "We have run thousands of experiments with social media posts and with the data we have collected we are able to train our AI algorithms to generate high engagement social media posts from user's content," says Sethi.

Using artificial intelligence to schedule social media updates is not new. Big media brands have been using this technology for a few years to drive traffic, increase engagement and save time. In 2015, New York times built an internal tool called Blossom. According to Nieman Lab, social media posts that were scheduled by Blossom saw 380 percent more clicks than typical posts not scheduled by Blossom.

Until now, this technology has not been available to smaller teams or individuals on a tight budget. SmartKai plans to change that. Its website reads that the users can use SmartKai for less than a cup of hot chocolate a day, which is very competitive considering many other "non-intelligent" social media automation tools cost more than that.

SmartKai is accepting requests for the private beta invite on its website -

"All social media networks use AI to score your posts, and big brands use AI to out-compete the smaller teams. We wanted to give a sophisticated AI tool at an affordable price to level the playing field for small businesses, startups, bloggers, influencers, and solopreneurs," says Sethi.

Source: SmartKai


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