Mark McClure and ARP Wave Join Forces With Dr. Jennifer Young in San Jose

ARP Wave National Expansion rep, Mark McClure, is please to announce that Dr. Jennifer Young, owner of Functional Sports Chiropractic will be adding the patented rehab system to her practice. Getting athletes back faster and stronger from injury

The expansion of the ARP Wave continues. National Director of Expansion for the ARP Wave, Mark McClure is pleased to announce its newest ARP Licensee, Dr. Jennifer Young, owner of Functional Sports Chiropractic in San Clara, CA.

"Getting athletes back faster and stronger from injury than any other form of therapy in existence today is what the ARP Wave is all about. And being that that is Dr. Young's passion, she jumped on the chance to bring this into her facility and we couldn't be happier bringing it into the #1 chiropractic and sports rehab clinic in Santa Clara, Just a great fit," McClure added.

Developed by Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder, the ARP Wave system has treated to date nearly 100,000 patients with a better than 95% track record in symptom elimination. No other type of therapy can boast those kinds of numbers. The system is now used by more than 2,000 of the worlds most elite athletes from the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and Premiere Soccer Leagues and growing daily.

"I think it speaks volumes that the world's most elite professional athletes trust their multi-million careers to the ARP Wave System of neurological rehab. They have been now for the past 15 years. If your looking to get back on the field in record time from a recent injury, normally 60-80% faster than traditional therapy, there is no other option than the ARP Wave System," McClure ended

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