Mark L. Fishbein dedicates his efforts to assisting families during time of crisis.

Mark L Fishbein has created a unique yet powerful program to assist clients in Tucson Arizona.

Recently, a family member of a client of ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC of Tucson, Arizona contacted Mark L. Fishbein by telephone on a Saturday at 2:00 am in the morning to inform him that her father was just taken to the hospital, in critical condition, as a result of a home accident. Mark L. Fishbein responded immediately by going to his office in Tucson, Arizona and forwarding a copy of the Medical Power of Attorney to the family members of the injured client, at the hospital. This allowed family members at the hospital the ability to obtain medical information and make any emergency medical decisions.

The benefits and comfort to the family and clients of ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC and Mark L. Fishbein, of Tucson, Arizona is obvious. There was no cost for this service.

Mark L. Fishbein has created a unique yet powerful "Emergency Hotline Telephone Program" to assist clients of ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC of Tucson, Arizona and Southern Arizona, during times of medical crisis.

Mark L. Fishbein understands the vital importance of having the availability of professional assistance during times of family medical crisis. In 1997, just 2 months after graduating law school, his father passed away without having any will or estate planning. As a result, Mark L. Fishbein had to probate his father's estate.

Mark L. Fishbein of ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC shares his experience, confusion and hardships resulting from the experience with clients in Tucson, Arizona and Southern Arizona.

From his own personal experience, Mark L. Fishbein gained a firsthand awareness of the confusion and hardships of probate of a family member. But even more painful was the chaos resulting from not having any information of what assets his father had and where they were located. Mark L. Fishbein had no one to call and was left alone with no support to deal with this tragedy. This only made the death of his father more difficult.

As a result of this experience, Mark L. Fishbein has created what is known as an "Emergency Hotline Telephone Program" for Tucson, Arizona and Southern Arizona clients of ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC and at no cost to the clients.

"Teamwork and having a game plan for family members is critical to get through the legal challenges that arise during times of medical crisis".

Mark L. Fishbein has since retired as a licensed attorney in Tucson, Arizona in order to work with ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC in assisting clients in their estate planning needs. This is a unique and rewarding service.

ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC of Tucson, Arizona is a legal document preparation company licensed by the Supreme Court, State of Arizona. To learn more about these concepts, contact Mark L. Fishbein and ALTA at (520) 797-1400.