Mark F. Kalita Publishes "Light Event" in Which the 'Light Formula' for the Human Being Is Announced

Mark F. Kalita, author of the "7 Day Bodhi" and the "Secrets of God", announces the 'Light Formula' which is the first theoretical equation to use the 'Unified Field Theory' and the first to use the Human as a measurable variable in science

Mark F. Kalita today released the book "Light Event" in which the 'Light Formula' is first published. This ground breaking theory places the Human being as a variable in the most unique equation of existence. The 'Light Formula' makes ALL Human beings a measurable quotient of existence. This unique 'Light Formula' of the Human being also mirrors the "Unified Field Theory" as Mark uses the Infinite as a constant with claims that all energy is a subtle kinetic energy with a unique "Light Event".

"The "Light Event" horizon for Humanity has been predicted since the beginning of time. World religions have appeared to explain the prophetic impressions of this event horizon and the resulting stabilization of the subtle kinetic energies post horizon. What the prophets and englightened saw is the natural evolution of the Human electrochemical process and our interaction with the Infinite," Mark esoterically relays the cryptic meanings of his discovery. "As the Human factor aligns itself with a positive polarity, the subtle kinetic energies emerge as the 'Greater Gifts' or the 'Three Natures' of existence."

Mark not only claims that through the understanding and application of the 'Light Formula' light workers, or healers, psychics and mediums, can naturally and effortlessly enhance their gifts by taking a few easy steps to align their being with the Infinite. "There are three aspects of interaction with the Infinite that every Human being does. The awareness that these three aspects give our being a positive or negative polarity is vital to allowing the subtle kinetic energies to flow effortlessly within the light worker," Mark claims. "But more importantly the 'Light Formula' shows how these subtle kinetic energies are raised exponentially by additional Humans of positive polarity."

"I also call this the 'Unity Phenomenon' because it shows how our reality is made malleable by the 'Human Instrument' of light and being," Mark adds. "The 'Light Formula', this Human "Light Event" and the Human condition have bridged the divide of religion and science as we are all 'Light Beings' and have the full potential of the Infinite available to us at any one time."

As important as the 'Light Formula' is to understanding the Human condition and our interaction with the Infinite, the 'Light Formula' also shows these 'Greater Gifts' to be real and measurable. To help the world understand the 'Light Formula', Mark is using to catalog the result of these subtle kinetic energies on the Human. Mark urges everyone who has had a 'psychic' event to visit and tell him about it.

To further understand and verify the 'Light Formula', Mark is currently seeking volunteer psychics, healers, mediums and other light workers for an investigational focus group using the "Light Event" tools to positively align the study subjects. Participants will receive free course material but travel and accomodations to Englewood, FL will not be provided.

"Light Event" is published by CreateSpace. It is available on, CreateSpace and Amazon in print for $9.95 and on Kindle for $4.95. It will soon be available worldwide through Amazon.

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