Marita Group Holding and Triton Pharmaceuticals Bring Cancer Detection to Africa

Triton Pharmaceuticals and Marita Group Holding Sign MOU to Bring Cancer Detection Kits to Africa

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Marita Group Holding, one of the world's largest holding companies in the world, with 32 offices in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America, which spans to over 120 years of doing business, today with Triton Solar announced it has signed an MOU to form a partnership in the introduction of cancer detection test kits to Africa. 

"Such a breakthrough in early cancer detection can help to save millions of lives in Africa," said Naseer M. Sayed, president of Marita Group Holding. 

"Our model is always to serve the public in all levels across the world and we are glad to be a part of such a great project in servicing people in Africa," said Mr. Himanshu B. Patel, chairman of Triton Pharmaceuticals.

Such a breakthrough in early cancer detection can help to save millions of lives in Africa.

Naseer M. Sayed

President, Marita Group Holding

About Pharmaceuticals:

Triton pharmaceutical is a division of Triton Solar the producer of high-quality and highly efficient printable solar cells, printed lighting and printed batteries. Triton Solar has become a worldwide organization with its headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Triton is currently the only supplier in the world to offer flexible and printed solar panels, lighting and batteries. This game-changing technology allows for all of our products to be printed onto a flexible medium, creating countless applications for our products.

About Marita Group Holding:

Marita Group Holding is a global enterprise focusing on turnkey solutions in Real Estate Development, Theme Parks, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing and Electrical Vehicles. Marita Group started in the cork industry. Today the group masters the entire value chain after taking control of the second-largest operator in the sector, an Italian company Colombin with over a 120-year history.

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