Margin Films Releases Two Full Seasons of Ying Liu's 'The Haunted Bay' on May 11, 2020 - Twilight Zone Day - on Amazon Prime Video

'The Haunted Bay' Season 1 Still

Margin Films will release two full seasons of Ying Liu’s “The Haunted Bay” for the first time on May 11, 2020 - Twilight Zone Day - on Amazon Prime Video.

Featuring Alameda Paranormal Researchers and Bay Area psychic and author June Ahern, “The Haunted Bay” is an independent docu television series about a paranormal investigative team exploring various haunted and spirited sites in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area. The series is produced and directed by San Francisco filmmakers Ying Liu, Cody Kulka and Matthew Abaya.

“Margin Films is excited to present for the first time Ying Liu’s independently made TV series ‘The Haunted Bay’ to a wider audience on Amazon Prime,” said Quentin Lee, Margin Films’ Managing Director. “I have a feeling you’d come back for Season 3.”

Ying Liu is a Bay Area filmmaker and actor. She produces and directs "The Haunted Bay," a documentary series that follows paranormal investigators and psychic mediums and features historical SF Bay Area locations. She also makes videos showcasing unique Bay Area events and locations. Her latest is about Boichik Bagels, California's first authentic New York bagel shop. In addition to making her own films, Ying has assisted on award-winning documentaries and films such as "Seeking Asian Female" and "Vampariah." She can also be seen in "Ghostbox Cowboy," a film featured in the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

Catch both seasons of “The Haunted Bay” on Amazon Prime Video on May 11, 2020: Twilight Zone Day.

Source: Margin Films