Marathon Revolutionizes Laundry for Multifamily Housing

with Laundry Network™ software and new smart, space-saving machines

Marathon Model M

Today, at the Northern California Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference, Marathon Machines, a Milwaukee-based company with R&D offices in California, is introducing the new Marathon Model M washer/dryer that brings multifamily laundry into the 21st century.

Earlier this year, Marathon introduced Model X, a smart, connected washer/dryer combo for single-family home use. Today, Marathon is introducing its brand new Model M, designed specifically for multifamily residences, including apartments, townhomes, condos and cohousing communal living. Marathon is simultaneously launching Laundry Network™, cloud-based software for remote laundry management.

"Multifamily housing is a unique marketplace for laundry technology," said Glenn Reid, founder and CEO of Marathon Laundry Machines. "Knowing when a machine is available, being able to reserve it in advance, having flexible payment options, and remote monitoring transform this chore into a delightful experience," he continued. "It is a great solution for schools, military, and correctional facilities as well."

Chris Salerno, CEO of QC Capital, a national multifamily investment company, said, "All future multifamily housing units will have laundry built in." 

"The ability of a property manager to have visibility into the usage and maintenance of appliances has immense value," he continued.

Marathon's cloud-based software allows stakeholders at different levels to benefit from tailored optics and data-driven management —maintenance technicians who only need access for an hour, or billing experts who need access to usage data. Marathon is already receiving a lot of attention from universities and property management companies with thousands of apartments in their portfolios.  

About Marathon:

Marathon Laundry Machines was founded in 2016 by Glenn Reid, an entrepreneur and engineer who was a direct report to Steve Jobs for many years and has created game-changing products at Apple Computer, Adobe, NeXT, and several startups.

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