Marathon Cold Water Ocean Swim Attracts Elite Youth and Adult Competitors

Swimmers take on open water challenge of Golden Gate to Bay Bridge Olympic class 10K swim in San Francisco Bay

Forty-six swimmers, spanning the ages of 11 to 61 years old will compete this Sunday morning in a 6.2 mile swim in one of the most challenging swimming events in the San Francisco Bay.
A group of elite long distance swimmers will take on the swift currents and
challenging 6.2 mile course from the San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge to the
Bay Bridge in 58 to 61 degree water. A 4.4 knot speed flood tide will help push
swimmers toward their destination of the Bay Bridge on July 11, 2010.
This is the second year of the open water swim event that brings three youths to
the challenge, among them 11 year old Braxton Bilbrey, who at 7 years old was the
youngest athlete to complete an Alcatraz to S.F. swim. He is also the youngest to
complete a round-trip swim from S.F around Alcatraz and back to S.F.
"The kids are the real warriors of this swim," said Bob Roper, race director for the
SFBAY10K swim, long time SF open-water swimmer, mentor, coach and Golden
Gate Bridge record holder. "To me, open water swimming for a child is a
challenge of a lifetime and to complete the swim is one of the greatest of
character building experiences," he added.
The swim is sponsored by SFBAY10k swim, a non-profit organization that
promotes 10K open water swimming, which is now an official Olympic event. The
10K open water swim is the newest event added to the summer Olympics. The
International Olympic Committee added a 10K open water race to the 2008
Beijing Olympics August 20-21, 2008. The sport has grown considerably in the
San Francisco Bay Area and in other cities, including New York, where a recent
10K swim around the Statue of Liberty was held.
Last year, Greg Larson, 13 time NCAA All-American and USA Olympic Team
alternate in 1992 won the swim with a time of 1:26:29 in the wet suit category.
The field of elite swimmers is a balance of women and men, most of which are
accomplished tri-athletes and open water swimmers.
Swimmers will be ferried out to the Golden Gate Bridge and make their jump at
about 8:30 -8:45 a.m., accompanied by a small fleet of power boats, kayakers and
paddle boarders to guide and support swimmers on their 1.5 to 2 hour quest.
There are two divisions, non-wetsuit and wetsuit, competing in the race.
"The Bridge-to-Bridge swim is a personal physical and mental challenge," said
Mark Rosen, organizer and participant for the SFBAY10K swim. "But there's also
the camaraderie of the event with pilots, boat captains and volunteers who give
their time to ensure a safe and memorable event."
Profits from the SFBAY10K swim ( are donated to local, nonprofit
youth sports organizations.
For those members of the media wanting to interview participants, coaches, race
director and organizers please contact Lee Bruno listed below. Swimmers will
gather at 6:30 a.m. at Capurro's restaurant at 498 Jefferson Street. Swimmers
will depart for the swim at 7:30 a.m. from the nearby Hyde Street pier.
Media Contact: Lee Bruno, participant and volunteer
Mobile Phone: 415-254-5253


456 Montgomery Street, Suite 440
San Francisco, CA