Many Americans Still Skeptical About Coronavirus Infecting Them or Loved Ones, Says Reputation Leaders

​Nearly one in three (32%) Americans said they don’t believe they, or someone they know, will ever get the Coronavirus in a poll of 1207 US adults released today by Reputation Leaders. This skepticism is despite figures from John Hopkins University reporting that the U.S. has more confirmed cases of Coronavirus that any other country.

In two of the most impacted states, N.Y. and CA, 37% and 31% of 200 residents respectively polled in each state think that in the next few months they or someone they know will be infected. 84% of those surveyed in New York are afraid that a member of their family or friends will get the Coronavirus.

A survey of 1207 US adults by Reputation Leaders found that only 9% were not stressed at all. Staying safe with family, watching T.V. and social distancing are the top coping mechanisms for Americans with 45% still getting outside whenever possible.

The best of Americans helping others is seen in this crisis with 37% helping or witnessing individuals buying groceries for others or having a greater sense of community. Three in 10 U.S. businesses are offering free/upgraded services or paying employees who can’t come into work.

Employers are not doing enough, say Americans:

Nearly one quarter (22%) of U.S. workers polled say their employer is not doing enough to help employees through this pandemic.  Only one-fifth (19%) of their employers have given assurances of ongoing jobs or have offered paid or unpaid time off to non-essential workers.

While over half of Americans trust CDC and healthcare professionals for information about the Coronavirus, only 9% reported trusting their employer for Coronavirus advice. Only 28% of employees said that their employer was communicating openly and often.


Reputation Leaders fielded an online survey from March 25 to 27, 2020 among 1207 US adult consumers using the fieldwork services of Dynata US.

​1007 consumers matched the demographic profile of the U.S. on age, gender and region with an additional sample to 200 adult consumers in each of N.Y., CA states.

Full results are downloadable from

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