Man's Best Friend Teaches Us How to Sell

New book release from author, Stephen Morton, reveals selling secrets written from a dog's perspective

Selling in a dog eat dog world

Stephen Morton has just released “Selling in a dog eat dog world”.  It is available from in e-book format.  The manuscript is a short, easy read loaded with humorous stories and selling tips provided by the author’s dog, Corey.  Although the book is targeted to salespeople, it has a wider appeal to a general audience.

Corey claims, “If you are like me, I have a difficult time sitting still long enough (or staying awake) to read a whole book.  That’s why I have kept this book fairly short and broken it into thirty segments.  Each segment is just about the right length to coincide with your daily constitutional.”

Morton spent more than 40 years in sales and sales management.  He started selling greeting cards, vacuum cleaners and encyclopedias door to door.  He retired as CEO of a consulting firm to Costa Rica in 2012 to write and pursue new adventures.

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