Mango Animate Announces an Animation Maker for Beginners and Pros

Mango Animate is about to introduce an animation maker that is suitable for both beginners and pros.

Animation Maker

Mango Animate is excited to announce the release of an animation maker that allows more people to enjoy the benefits of animation. Whether it is for business, education or personal use, the Mango Animation Maker is a powerful but intuitive application that can be used by anyone to create stunning and engaging animations.

“We have designed Mango Animation Maker to be extremely easy to use, with an intuitive interface,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate. “Consequently, people who have absolutely no prior knowledge of animation and graphic design can quickly start creating captivating videos.”

While most advanced animation makers require in-depth knowledge to operate, Mango Animation Maker is extremely user-friendly and suitable for beginners. It includes a library of pre-designed templates to encourage inexperienced users to get started. An engaging video can be created simply by changing the content of the template. With an array of powerful tools, users are allowed to fully express themselves, bringing their ideas to life in a lucid and entertaining manner.

While the Mango Animation Maker’s simplicity makes it ideal for beginners, professionals will appreciate the array of powerful tools that can be used to create highly advanced animations. This includes thousands of free assets, including images, SVGs, animation widgets, effects, symbols and charts. The animation can be further enriched by the inclusion of caption and voice narration. Also, users can record their own voices to go along with their creations. 

Characters such as teachers, businessmen, students, policemen, workers, and customers are available so including the correct personality in the video becomes painless and convenient. The myriad characters can be combined on an infinite canvas that is limited only by the user’s imagination. 

Zooming, panning and rotating camera effects can be added to give the animation a professional look. Scene transitions can be achieved naturally with the use of special effects such as Hand Pull, Blind, Flip Book and more. And once created, the video and GIF can be easily shared with the target audience online, as an offline video or via social media.

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