Manfred Marcus's Newly Released 'Path to Salvation: Through the Holy Days' Discusses the Bible's Timeline, Which Highlights God's Longstanding Promise of Redemption

"Path to Salvation: Through the Holy Days" from Christian Faith Publishing author Manfred Marcus is a sublime narrative that delves into the cohesive plan of God for mankind's salvation, which existed during ancient times.

“Path to Salvation: Through the Holy Days” is an astute account on biblical chronicles of God’s redeeming covenant for His people that is prophesied in the Old Testament and fulfilled by the Messiah. “Path to Salvation: Through the Holy Days” is the creation of published author Manfred Marcus, a retired tooling project engineer and a nonfiction writer.

Marcus shares, “The total number of times the word seven appears in the Bible is 446 times. The word seven appears 355 times in the Old Testament and 91 times in the New Testament. If we assume that man’s time on Earth is 7,000 years, and 1,000 of those years were under the rule of Yahshua Messiah, then that would leave six thousand years from Adam to when man’s rule on Earth ends. 

Can we, through chronology, determine how many years we have left before man’s rule on Earth comes to an end?

The second half of the book looks at how the Holy Days foreshadowed new meaning and provided a path to salvation through the sacrifice and resurrection of Yahshua Messiah. No one is guaranteed salvation.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Manfred Marcus’s new book is a reminder of the impending last days that instills awareness to the modern world of signs leading to the Apocalypse and the second coming of the Messiah.

“Path to Salvation: Through the Holy Days” is a comprehensive compendium that guides readers in understanding the Word of God in reference to salvation history and humanity’s ultimate fate.

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