Managed Service Provider NetXpress Uses Metamako to Provide Cost-Effective, Low-Latency Trading Connectivity to Financial Firms

Global connectivity provider NetXpress announced today that it is rolling out technology from network firm Metamako, the leading provider of low-latency network devices for the global financial services sector.

The combination of NetXpress’ proprietary connectivity solution and Metamako’s ultra-low latency Layer 1 and FPGA-enabled switches, delivers native market access to trading clients such as banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading shops and ISVs. Using Metamako’s Layer 1 technology, NetXpress has pioneered a truly low-latency shared solution by removing all unnecessary hops from their network. This will improve clients’ trade latencies by more than ten times while providing them with a cost-effective alternative to dedicated exchange links. These Layer 1 enhancements not only deliver a dramatic improvement in latency, but they also improve overall network stability and allow clients to take more control.

NetXpress is committed to being at the forefront of ultra-low latency and cutting-edge trading technologies. Scott Feagans, co-founder, states, “NetXpress is pleased to be working with a latency-focused company like Metamako. Their leadership in ultra-low latency hardware coupled with our expertise in providing financial firms with global market connectivity and managed services will help us serve trading clients better than ever.”

“We are delighted that NetXpress is using our network technology to bring the latest low-latency connectivity solutions to their clients. The Managed Service Provider market is highly competitive, and NetXpress certainly has an edge when it comes to innovation and building a new breed of infrastructure to serve their clients better”, comments Kevin Covington, CEO at Metamako.

NetXpress will not only leverage Metamako for its latency profile but will also use the technology for a variety of additional functionalities that result in time and cost savings. Among them the ability for packet filtering as well as the timestamping capabilities of the Metamako devices with a precision of 1 nanosecond which enables back testing of trading strategies, regulatory compliance tracking and analysis of trading events. Other features include: tap aggregation, dynamic patching and media conversion.

NetXpress delivers global raw market data over its ultra-low latency network, along with providing colocation services near the major exchanges and liquidity providers. NetXpress plans to deploy Metamako devices in all hosting locations: Aurora, 350 E. Cermak, NY4, Carteret, Basildon, LD4, and Frankfurt.

About NetXpress

NetXpress was founded by industry veterans, Moshe Siegel and Scott Feagans. NetXpress is a premier, low latency focused managed service provider, dedicated to creating custom, resilient solutions for financial clients across the globe. The company’s core products include: co-location and proximity hosting, real-time market data delivery ultra-low latency order routing, support, monitoring and other trading services.

NetXpress is an innovator in the managed service space, providing financial firms with a latency edge for shared exchange connectivity. Through a layer 1 distribution model, NetXpress has minimized the burden of excessive switch hops and dramatically reduced latencies for trading clients. This strategic network design is supported by the NetXpress global 24/7 network operations center.

For more information, please reach out to the NetXpress team: (312-871-3190) or visit 

About Metamako

Metamako is a leading provider of high-performance, low-latency network solutions for financial markets. Its network platform of disruptive hardware, FPGA-enabled devices and applications is built for ultra-low latency, superior performance and programmability to provide financial firms with the ability to simplify their network stack and support computing at the edge. The super-fast devices with a latency of just 4 nanoseconds have been independently tested by the STAC Benchmark Council.

Founded in 2013, Metamako is based in Sydney, Australia, with offices in New York, London and Tokyo. For more information visit

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