Managed Kubernetes Indonesia Partnership: Lyrid X Biznet Gio

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Lyrid proudly announces its partnership with Biznet Gio - a cloud infrastructure division of Biznet, the leading Indonesian internet service provider (ISP) and a key partner in our global hosting network efforts. This partnership combines Biznet's highly scalable bare metal hardware with Lyrid's highly flexible multi-cloud Kubernetes deployment and management software to deliver unparalleled scalability, usability and performance.

"Our strategic partnership with Lyrid accelerates the cloud computing ecosystem in Indonesia by delivering the infrastructure solution for developers. This newly launched solution accommodates microservice adoption for industries actively pursuing agile development. From this collaboration, alongside supporting customer's business excellence, we focus on providing a simplification over infrastructure implementation, faster technology adoption, scalability, and data localization support," said Dondy Bappedyanto, CEO of Biznet Gio Nusantara.

Biznet will offer Lyrid's Cloud Platform, where users have full ownership over the entire development cycle. Using Lyrid's Platform, customers have complete control over every single aspect of Kubernetes cluster management all through a single User Interface (UI). Furthermore, customers can leverage Lyrid's One-Click Solutions Marketplace— a service that enables users to deploy solutions to their Kubernetes clusters with no code. The partnership empowers customers with fast and reliable deployment techniques compared to conventional Kubernetes applications deployment—increasing faster time-to-value. 

Multinational companies seeking to scale rapidly in Southeast Asia will now have a local alternative to public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. In addition, Indonesian companies and government agencies will be able to host their applications and microservices with a hybrid cloud option: on-premise + Biznet Gio bare metal servers. With local regulations heading towards national locked data security policies, the Biznet Gio and Lyrid partnership seeks to serve this growing market. 

While Biznet made a name for itself as the fast, reliable, and affordable dedicated server business, Indonesia has not picked up on managed Kubernetes services yet. With competition from public cloud platforms, these kinds of partnerships offer Biznet's users innovative services without giving up its core philosophy. For hosting companies that want to scale their product with minimal resources, Lyrid is the partner of choice. With Lyrid Kubernetes, engineers can set up a cluster in a few minutes, rather than days. Book a meeting with us today, and supercharge your hosting!

About Lyrid

Lyrid is a managed Kubernetes platform that helps global partners maximize revenue potential and performance efficiency. With Lyrid, partners can integrate the best possible offering in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments and discover new software including Kubernetes Bare Metal Automation.

About Biznet Gio

Biznet Gio (PT Biznet Gio Nusantara) is the first Indonesian cloud service provider that offers fast, highly scalable, and secure Bare Metal cloud. Since 2015, Biznet Gio has provided IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and managed services for various industry levels, from enterprise level, startup, to MSMEs. To get more information about Biznet Gio, you can visit

Source: Lyrid