Manage 4K Multi-Displays Easily With SmartAVI's New HDR-8x8-Plus Video Matrix

SmartAVI's new HDR-8x8-Plus video matrix routes multiple 4K and HD signals with ease from one convenient box.

​Homes, workplaces, and the markets that connect them increasingly rely on HD signals from multiple digital sources, whether it’s a Blu-Ray player sending video to a 4K TV or a conference call sent to a video wall in a meeting room. However, with so many devices to connect, routing between multiple sources and displays quickly becomes a chore. SmartAVI’s new HDMI, 4K-ready video matrix remedies these hassles with ease out of one simple box.

The HDR-8x8-Plus Non-Blocking HDMI Matrix Switch features eight HD audio and video inputs that independently route to eight displays using the latest in 4K video technology. Complete with easy to use front-panel controls, as well as an Infrared Remote Control, the HDR-8x8-Plus eliminates the tedium of constantly having to unplug and reconnect signals to a single display, so you can access each device at the press of a button. Even manage the unit via web browsers with integrated TCP/IP controls.

With connectors for up to eight independent devices, the HDR-8x8-Plus switches signals for both SD and HD-ready devices. Deliver stunning 4K (3840x2160) resolution images and crystal clear Dolby HD sound to a home entertainment theater, and upscale standard definition video signals with its DVI-D to HDMI adaptors for enhanced picture quality. The HDR-8x8-Plus uses its EDID Learning Mode to automatically assess input and output sources, and deliver the best quality media based on the connected systems.

Like all SmartAVI products, the HDR-8x8-Plus is a plug-and-play product, made ready for immediate set-up and easy management. Built to last and optimized for security, the HDR-8x8-Plus boasts a tough, metal casing and is shielded against signal interference so you can get the most out of your set-up without worry. Safe, affordable, and simply effective, the HDR-8x8-Plus is the go-to product for multi-source signaling with casual and professional systems alike.

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