Mallika Kaekla Take Over as CEO of Dacon Inspection Services

Dacon Inspection Services, Asia's leading pipeline inspection services company, has appointed new CEO.

Mr. Martin Stuvik, Managing Director of Dacon Inspection Services, Co., Ltd. announced that its board had selected Mrs. Mallika Kaekla as the organization's new Chief Executive Officer. Mrs. Mallika Kaekla takes the helm of the strongly expanding regional company at a critical time, while preparing for its IPO to list on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2016.

Mr. Martin Stuvik, Managing Director, said “Mrs. Kaekla has for over 10 years been a key member of the management team that has overseen the companies’ rapid growth from a local service provider, to becoming an Asian regional leader to the Oil & Gas and Energy industry. The board has full confidence that Mrs. Kaekla will be the right leader to take this company to the next stage, as a global service provider of advanced inspection services, provided from our base in Thailand.”

The results speak for themselves with the dynamic growth that Dacon has achieved under Mrs. Kaekla’s stewardship. With the respect and admiration that she enjoys from her team and her balance of authority, collaborative approach and strategic thinking Dacons board of directors have full confidence that the company will continue its upward trajectory under Mrs Kaekla’s leadership.

 “I am honored and excited to lead Dacon on it’s mission to expand further and look forward to growing with the company. With now over 300 employees Dacon is expanding fast, and we strive to support business growth within the Asean Economic Community (AEC). I am committed to the mission, vision and culture of the company and look forward to leading the people of Dacon to mutual success” said Ms Kaekla after accepting the new position.

About Dacon

Dacon Inspection Services Co. Ltd. was founded in Norway in 1979 as a subsea inspection company. It since shifted it’s focus towards Asia, opening a head office in Rayong (Thailand) in 1996 as well as a regional offices in Singapore. Today Dacon provides pipeline inspections, asset integrity, training and all conventional and advanced NDT techniques to the mining, power generation, fabrication, heavy industry, downstream, midstream and upstream oil and gas industries.

Due to very strong growth over the past years Dacon has grown to become one of the leading inspection companies in Asia. The company currently employs over 300 technical staff and is preparing an IPO to list at the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2016.


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