Malayalee, Bengali and Marathi communities show high affinity to marry within their own community - a study

A study by revealed that Malayalee, Bengali, Marathi and Gujarati communities show the highest affinity to marry within their own community.

New Delhi, xx March, 2010: A study by revealed that Malayalee, Bengali, Marathi and Gujarati communities show the highest affinity to marry within their own community, while the Hindi speaking communities of Delhi, UP and MP are considerably open to inter-community marriages. It has also been observed that people residing in their native states have higher preferences of marrying into their respective communities as compared to individuals who are settled elsewhere.
The study also brought to light the fact that the Hindi speaking people of Madhya Pradesh seemed to be most receptive to seeking partners from other communities. It has been witnessed that 33% of people from the Hindi-MP community initiated marriage contacts with Hindi speaking communities of Delhi and 20% of them contacted people from Hindi speaking communities of Uttar Pradesh. Although 86% of Bengalis, 57% of Punjabis and 81% of Gujaratis and Marathis initiated contacts within their own communities, interestingly the second choice for all these communities is Hindi-Delhi. An interesting trend that has been noticed is that both Hindi- UP and Hindi-MP communities initiate maximum contacts with Hindi- Delhi communities.
Commenting on the findings of the study Vivek Khare, Business Head, said, "With changing times people are willing to get out of the community boundaries and find someone with shared mindsets but in most arranged marriages the choices are still community centric. This is primarily because people from the same community share a high level of comfort in terms of language, cultural values and traits."

Contacts initiated by various communities
Malayalam to Malayalam 89%
Bengali to Bengali 86%
Marathi to Marathi 82%
Gujarati to Gujarati 74%
Telegu to Telegu 66%
Kannada to Kannada 64%
Tamil to Tamil 63%
Punjabi to Punjabi 57%
Hindi-Del to Hindi- Del 49%
Hindi-UP to Hindi- UP 35%
Hindi -MP to Hindi-MP 17%

If we further dissect the data on the marriage preferences of people residing in their native state vs those residing else where then the affinity differs.84% of Marathis residing in Maharashtra contact people in their own community but only 66% Marathis residing elsewhere initiate marriage contacts within Marathis .Similarly 81% Gujaratis based in Gujarat initiate contacts in their community as compared to 69% of Gujaratis settled outside Gujarat. While 72% of Tamils based in Tamil Nadu contact profiles from the Tamil community only 59% of Tamilans residing outside Tamil Nadu contact profiles within their own community. It is evident that there is greater inter-mingling among the Hindi communities of UP, Delhi and MP which has fostered relationships within a larger community. (Refer to annexure for more details)
Preference of communities based in their own state
Malayalam to Malayalam 93%
Bengali to Bengali 91%
Marathis to Marathis 84%
Gujarati to Gujarati 81%
Tamil to Tamil 72%
Telegu to Telegu 70%
Kannada to Kannada 69%
Punjabis to Punjabis 63%
Hindi -Del to Hindi-Del 54%
Hindi-UP to Hindi-UP 39%
Hindi MP to Hindi MP 20%

Preference of communities based elsewhere
Malayalam to Malyalam 88%
Bengali to Bengali 81%
Marathis to Marathis 66%
Gujarati to Gujarati 69%
Tamil to Tamil 59%
Telegu to Telegu 64%
Kannada to Kannada 54%
Punjabis to Punjabis 56%
Hindi -Del to Hindi-Del 45%
Hindi-UP to Hindi-UP 33%
Hindi MP to Hindi MP 12%

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