Makor Resources 'Mine to Main Street' Breaking Barriers in the Global Race for Minerals

Makor Resources at the forefront of industry change following appointment of US-based Brooke Bibeault as Chief Executive Officer. She succeeds Ricus Grimbeek who will now serve as Chair of Makor Resources.

Brooke Bibeault announced Chief Executive Officer of Makor Resources

Makor Resources, a mining as a service platform that focuses on artisanal and small-scale mining, announced Brooke Bibeault as its new Chief Executive Officer. Bibeault succeeds Ricus Grimbeek, who founded the company after a 30-year career holding senior executive positions with prominent global mining companies such as BHP and South 32. Grimbeek will now serve as Chair of Makor.

As efforts to transition to a clean economy intensify, so does the demand for critical minerals. “The industry is at an inflection point,” states Grimbeek, “as the world grapples with insufficient exploration and critical mineral shortages, we must recognize the significant contribution that artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) can play in the future of mining.

The ASM sector employs 45 million people globally and provides 233 million indirect jobs. These workers are often exposed to severe health, social, and environmental risks due to the precarious nature of their working conditions and lack of access to capital, education and social safety nets.

“We all have a role to play - as consumers, manufacturers, mining companies” adds Grimbeek, “and by integrating ASM mines, we have the opportunity as an industry to transform the reputation of the mining sector to one that contributes to shared prosperity and lifts millions out of poverty.”

Makor is at the forefront of this shift by connecting consumers, large scale corporations and manufacturers with the millions of artisanal miners and the communities they operate within. Makor believes the future of mining creates an inclusive pathway for sustainable development and socioeconomic benefit for countries that provide minerals to the world. 

“We use blockchain to trace material from source, then liaise with downstream stakeholders in order for them to better understand where minerals are sourced, and how minerals are sourced, sold and then manufactured into the final product that are seen on Main Streets across the globe,” says incoming CEO, Brooke Bibeault.

Brooke’s appointment follows her tenure as Chief Marketing Officer of Makor.

Chair Ricus Grimbeek stated:

“Brooke has a unique experience in building consumer demand for some of the largest celebrity names and mainstream brands. 

Her career spans beyond that, and she has worked in Community Development, where she launched financial literacy hubs in townships across South Africa; Placemaking Strategy, where she created tailored approaches and solutions to sustainable tourism and economic development; and Advisory in the Luxury and Media sectors for leading publications.

We are excited to combine Makor’s existing mining, operational and technical expertise with Brooke’s extensive network and experience in creating consumer demand and bridging communities to mainstream audiences – the sector requires new thinking and we believe Makor is well positioned to offer that.”

Source: Makor Resources

About Makor Resources

We are Responsible Miners. We are World-Class Marketers. And, We are Community Makers.

We drive the transition to just, transparent and sustainable materials value chains by supplying the world with responsibly mined minerals, metals and gemstones through our mining as a service platform.

Makor’s strategy hinges on four pillars: advancing artisanal and small-scale mineral sector development; developing human and technological capacities; building blockchain-enabled “Mine to Main Street” value chains; and promoting sustainable investment and communal stewardship.

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