Making the Most of a Three-Night Vacation

Travel Company Offers Tips for Maximum Enjoyment, Relaxation

According to recent studies, U.S. workers are only using 77 percent of their allotted vacation time. That amounts to more than 169 million vacation days that disappear each year when the calendar rolls over or employees hit their work anniversary.  With that in mind, Take Three Nights (Take 3) has compiled a series of suggestions to help people make the most of the vacations they do take, and encourage them not to leave time on the table at the end of the year.

All but gone are the traditional week-long (or longer) getaways that families used to take together. Many people simply don’t feel comfortable being away from their workplaces for an extended period of time. Whether it’s because they don’t wish their absence to be noted, or they dread the work pile-up that will greet them upon their return, people tend to avoid taking time off – even though doing so leads to burnout and lower morale.

When people do unchain themselves from their desks, it tends to be for quicker trips – such as the three-night vacation that is Take 3’s hallmark. But in their rush (and desperation) to get away, people may not give proper consideration to their itinerary, which leads to a potentially inefficient getaway – one that could leave them more stressed than when they left.

“With proper planning, four days and three nights can be the perfect length for a vacation,” says Christie Pelham, director of marketing. “Work a weekend into the mix and you can get full value for your time with only two days out of the office.”

Here are the top suggestions for maximizing vacation benefits, courtesy of Take 3’s travel counselors:

·         Once you’ve chosen your destination, make a list of the specific attractions you want to get to. Then prioritize them based on how important they are to your enjoyment of the trip. Do the ones at the top of the list first, so you’re sure not to miss them.

·         Double-check your list of attractions the week before you go. You’d hate to arrive, only to discover that the place is closed for renovations.

·         Be aware of hours of operation and plan your schedule accordingly. If a particular destination opens early, do that in the morning. Similarly, if it’s open late, slot it in for the later part of the day.

·         Be realistic. Don’t try to do everything on one trip. Not only will you end up shortchanging yourself, but you’ll run yourself ragged in the process – and come home from your vacation in need of a vacation.

·         If you’re going to see old friends who live near your travel destination, do so at the beginning of the trip. They likely have suggestions and recommendations for things/places not to miss.

·         Allow yourself time to relax, even if that means scheduling it. That is the point of a vacation, isn’t it?

·         You should never be bored on vacation.

“A little forethought goes a long way toward making a vacation memorable,” says Pelham. “When you take the time to get away, make it worthwhile… and the pleasure will carry you over until your next trip.”

Since 2013, Take Three Nights has been a leading provider of three-night hotel packages at more than 40 premier destinations around the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. The company is focused on providing quality vacations to customers – those who like to travel last-minute, as well as those who plan their trips up to a year in advance – at up to 50 percent off retail prices. To learn more, visit


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