Makers of Revolutionary Off-Grid GPS Tracker With Lantern Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Ra. Lantern' Raises More than $23,000 in First Week

San Francisco, USA , April 1, 2017 (Newswire) -  The makers of a revolutionary new GPS location tracker for adventurers are launching a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to manufacture and market the product.

INNO Discovery, creators if the “Ra. Lantern,” hope to raise $80,000 by April 22.

Ra. Lantern is an off-grid GPS radar tracker and intelligent lantern that helps hikers and adventurers stay connected with the pack while exploring the wilderness. The smart Ra Lantern is a 3-in-one, fully integrated lantern that combines ultra-bright detachable lights with a real time, off-grid, duo radar GPS location monitoring system.

Ra. Lantern works by allowing users to set up camp with the lantern’s base, take one of the detachable lanterns, and go on an adventure without worry of becoming lost from the group when there is no network coverage. The device also allows users to send messages off-grid by radio wave. The super-bright lanterns include an exclusive hook design that allows each light to be hung from anywhere.

Other features include a 45000mAh super power station with contact pins for charging the panels, a USB port for other devices, one-touch SOS broadcast for locating lost components, radar detection for the base's safety, and a real-time GPS monitoring system.

So far, Ra. Lantern has raised more than $23,000 from hundreds of backers. The company is offering a variety of pledge rewards for backers, including deep discounts on Ra. Lanterns.

"We're thrilled by the warm reception to our Ra. Lantern Kickstarter," said Amma Alexander of INNO Discovery. "We designed this evolved lantern to make sure adventurers never get lost. Ra. Lantern is the essential portable lighting companion protecting every step on your next great adventure."

View the campaign and watch an informative video about how the Ra. Lantern works at


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Source: INNO Discovery

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