Maker's Clean, Experts in Premium Microfiber Cleaning & Bath Products, Changes the Game Again—Introducing the Luxury Face Cloth, Forever Changing the Way We Wash Our Face

The same company that released the award-winning taco-shaped Maker's Mop last summer has just released their newest innovation, the Maker's Luxury Face Cloth.

When Melissa Maker, the founder of Maker's Clean, host of the YouTube channel Clean My Space (1.75M subscribers), and resident cleaning expert, started complaining about her cotton terry face cloths, the team at Maker's Clean took this as a challenge.

"As with our mop, towels, and famous microfiber cloths, we took a seemingly simple product and put some serious thought into it," says Maker. "As someone who has sensitive skin, we developed the Maker's face cloth to be an ultra-soft and gentle treat for your face and a great way to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean without irritation."

"This issue we found is that most face cloths are made from cotton terry. Alternatively, a number of the leading makeup remover cloths are made from 100% polyester, both of which have their problems," says Chad Reynolds, co-founder of Maker's Clean and head of product development. "Cotton terry can feel rough on your skin and is prone to developing odors over time, and while softer, a 100% polyester fabric is not as absorbent as our alternative."

With their experience in the synthetic fabric space, Maker's Clean put together a unique fabric blend which is soft on the face, ultra-absorbent, and does not hold on to odors because of the nature of the material and how quickly it dries.

One of the stated goals of the company is to replace disposable products with high-quality reusable ones. Just as their industry-leading microfiber cloths replace paper towels and disposable cleaning wipes, the Luxury Face Cloth is said to replace disposable cotton rounds, cotton balls, and single-use makeup remover wipes. The Luxury Face Cloths are designed to be washed thousands of times.

The additional feature that makes this cloth unique is that it is double-sided. According to their website,, the shorter weave side deep cleans to remove oils, dirt, and makeup, while the longer weave side rinses and dries, leaving your face feeling fresh and clean.

The intended use for these cloths ranges from everyday face cleansing to makeup removal and also removing at-home skin treatments. A video demonstrating how to use the Luxury Face Cloth is available at

At a whopping 350 GSM, the ultra-plush Luxury Face Cloths are sold in a convenient 5-pack which retails for $39 at

Maker's Clean Inc. has been in operation since 2015 and is known for its top-quality microfiber cleaning products. They have sold over 300,000 premium microfiber cloths and bath towels and have just come off the successful launch of their now award-winning mop.

For more information, to book an interview with cleaning expert Melissa Maker, or to request hi-res images of the Luxury Face Cloth, contact Ronit Pottins:

Source: Maker's Clean Inc.


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