Make Your Shop Find Its Presence Online with Atioo

Atioo is your nearest shop , where the shop owners of the city can launch their own online shop. They can create their own shop for a very reasonable price and enjoy the innumerable benefits. "

Internet has greatly changed the way people shop. People prefer online shopping to conventional shopping because of the numerous benefits that online shopping offer. More people than ever before in history have started to use the World Wide Web to purchase items. People purchase everything from foot wares to dresses to houses, online.

So far you might not have come across a website to just focus the local shops in the city. When you have got something worth selling, it is essential you have an online presence. It might be your only source of income or just a side - project, Atioo can help you to set up a shop online.

Atioo ( offers the local shop owners a provision to create their online shop. In other words Atioo is a virtual shopping mall, where the local shop owners of the city can subscribe for launching their own online local shop.

There are a plenty of sites that allow you to easily sell stuff online, but they are not a means to showcase your own store/shop exclusively. Atioo is a number online shopping mall that lets you to create your own local store online and sell out products.

You may think of creating a separate website for your store. But the exposure ratio is just 1/100. Only those who visit your shop might know about your website. But with Atioo you have a greater exposure as people prefer to choose a mall instead of selectively purchasing things. Atioo is a one-stop shop for everyone's shopping needs.

With Atioo, anyone can set up his/her own professional online store from scratch without any of the skills required. All that shop owners have to do is to just signup using email id and password. You are now free to create your own shop by including many details concerning its location. You can then connect your store with Twitter and Facebook accounts. What next? You can start adding products to the store, describe about it, upload an image of the product to the website, mention its color, size etc. That's just it, the shop is ready with just a few clicks and you can now start selling.

There are many e-commerce stores online, but these websites just wait for people to come and purchase. There is a big gap between websites and shoppers. People often feel like purchasing products from where they are. When a local user wants to buy, he will visit the shop of his choice and then order the product. This provision lets people get all that they want in a short span of time as vendors can door-deliver items that users have added to the cart.

Benefits of using Atioo:

Individual shop owners can create their own shop for a very reasonable price
Wider reach to new and existing customers.
Low maintenance cost.
No need of salespeople as the website is capable of doing all promotion
No open and close time, your online shop is open 24/7 and the user can order any time.

When you host your own store, you have more control over the shop. With Atioo you can definitely set up a brand for your business. Once you register with Atioo, we will take care of all elements like in-and-out maintenance, regular updation etc., Go on... Get ready to say "hello" to your new online customers with Atioo.

About Atioo:

Atioo ( s your nearest shop that let people to shop from the local shops online. People can get products delivered shortly with in short span of time. Atioo is backed by the UDeserve team members who work consistently to satisfy their customers.