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New Online Date rating site,, is trading dollars for dating disaster stories. Like "Yelp" for Online Dates, CrayRate is designed to separate the sketchy Dates from the soulmates – before meeting Online Dates. Right now, everyone can join just as cash giveaway, “Date, Rate & Win” kicks off November 1, 2016 by sharing hilarious and disastrous dating stories!

Did he date to “dine and dash?” Did he forget to bring his cash? Were you stalked? Did you put the block on her chimney drop?  Was he “DWM” – Dating While Married? We want to know! When stories are posted on CrayRate’s free and anonymous forum, members are automatically entered in the $200 monthly "Date, Rate & Win" cash giveaway, as well as the $1,000 grand prize for the most Date rates and reviews. Just remember the Golden Rule – “keep it real!”

How does it work? Whether a person has been on one or tons of Online Dates, if they know their Date’s “Dating Site Username,” then they can participate! They can post stories and rate Online Dates or more specifically, rate their Dates' level of “CRAZY,” from Normal / Low Risk Cray Date to Dangerous / Seriously Cray Cray!  Members help watch over the Online Dating community and are entered to win cash. Members are free to tell fellow daters who's a great date and who's an online fake because CrayRate's an anonymous, gender neutral community forum.

About CrayRate

CrayRate is the only Date Rating website developed to be paired with "any & all" dating sites and apps. The site is designed to benefit the Online Dating community by keeping Daters web-date-savvy from the start. Like “Yelp,” for Online Dates, see an Online Date’s CrayRate before meeting a Date! With a simple Dating Site Username search, all is revealed. Yes, it is said, CrayRate is a neighborhood watch community for Online Daters; members watch over the “datinghood” and help keep online dating safe and fun with a healthy dose of adventure. For additional information, please visit


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About CrayRate

We're like "Yelp" for Online Dates, CrayRate is designed to separate the sketchy Dates from the soulmates - before you meet your Dates! Now, check your Online Date's CrayRate, before you date - Search By: Dating Site Username.

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