Major U.S. Fuel Pipeline DarkSide Ransomware Attack: EnigmaSoft Emphasizes the Importance of Anti-Malware Remediation Solutions

The growing incidents of ransomware attacks like the recent U.S. fuel pipeline breach highlight the need for automated anti-malware remediation solutions such as SpyHunter.

DarkSide Ransomware Attack

A pipeline data breach and ransomware attack that forced a major U.S. fuel company to shut down a critical fuel distribution network and resulted in widespread fuel shortages in several states highlighted the importance of having anti-malware remediation solutions as an added layer to a security breach post-incident response plan.

According to FBI reports, the DarkSide ransomware was responsible for the ransomware attack on the major U.S. fuel company. Allegedly, hackers threatened that stolen data would be openly leaked on the Internet and the information that the hackers encrypted would remain locked unless the major U.S. fuel company paid the ransom demands. It's not clear how much money the attackers demanded or whether the ransom was paid at this point. To learn more about DarkSide ransomware and how its malicious practices have crippled Internet users, governmental agencies, and businesses alike, go to

Steps to Take to Avoid Data Breaches and Ransomware Attacks and Recover from Being a Victim

No system is completely immune to breaches or zero-day attacks, as witnessed in the data breach that caused Colonial Pipeline to shut down, which makes swift recovery in the aftermath all the more difficult. In the current technology-oriented business environment, it is no longer enough to implement traditional perimeter security, endpoint protection and in-network protections from outside attacks. In practical terms, most companies have potential high-risk vulnerabilities on their network perimeter, which means hackers can exploit them. 

An effective way to mitigate the risks that ransomware attacks pose is to implement a ransomware incident response plan with a specific post-breach remediation solution that includes both an automated remediation feature and a real-time backup program to allow the company to remediate the binary malware programs and restore the data as quickly as possible.

EnigmaSoft's SpyHunter is an advanced security software specializing in enhanced multi-layered scanning, automated malware remediation, and vulnerability detection. With the help of SpyHunter, a company can detect, remove and block a wide range of security threats. Unlike many other anti-malware programs which have proven ineffective, SpyHunter is specially engineered to disable malware before a computer's operating system initiates to better protect users. When coupled with a real-time backup program, SpyHunter offers an effective solution to remediate compromised systems.

SpyHunter's key features designed to defend against ransomware attacks:

  • Detection and removal of the latest malware threats
  • Advanced remediation capabilities
  • Real-time system guards to block malware and other potentially unwanted programs from installing or executing
  • Regular malware definition updates
  • Customer support

To learn more about how SpyHunter protects against malware or to try it for free, please visit

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