MainConcept Enables Panasonic With WebAssembly Decoding for Its Browser-Based Security Platform

The brand-new WASM HEVC Decoder enables plugin-free playback of H.265 video in most popular internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari

​MainConcept®, a leading provider of codec and streaming technology, today announced that they have licensed their new WebASM HEVC Decoder SDK to Panasonic Corporation Security System Business Division. The WebAssembly standard enables high performance applications on web pages and is highly suitable for security, surveillance, governmental, and educational markets with video processing workflows in internet browser environments.

Given Panasonic’s high standards for software security, the company needed a replacement for the outdated ActiveX player plugin. At the same time, Panasonic was looking to expand their playback platform to all common internet browsers without requiring 3rd party installs. Licensing MainConcept’s SDK for WebAssembly allowed Panasonic to build a native web application supported in all major internet browsers, taking advantage of pseudo-native video decoding. 

The MainConcept HEVC Decoder now runs in WASM, allowing users to develop browser applications featuring H.265 playback, and previews or editing capabilities among any system and internet browser that supports WebAssembly such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari. The hardware-independent WebAssembly objects are generated by the Emscripten compiler from C/C++ code and can be executed at native speed through the JavaScript API.

“The future for browser video preview and editing lies in WebAssembly, which is a W3C standard where the contributors – Mozilla, Microsoft, Google and Apple – have learned from the failures of previous technologies like Java, ActiveX and NaCl,” remarked Thomas Kramer, VP Product Management, MainConcept. “Our new product, recently adopted by Panasonic Corporation Security System Business Division, enables developers to create high performing solutions in browser-based video applications.”

“For our next generation IP surveillance cameras, we required state-of-the-art technology to make HEVC playback natively available in all popular internet browsers,” said Koji Maekawa, Supervisor at Panasonic Corporation Security System Business Division. “The WebAssembly format enables us to playback video surveillance feeds using just a standard browser on any computer without violating any security policies on the customer side. The MainConcept HEVC WebASM Decoder SDK provides the best performance and quality under these conditions and satisfies our thorough test lab’s strict criteria.”

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