Maier+Vidorno Offering Reasonably Priced Company Formation And Registration Solutions In India

Maier+Vidorno has built an unparalleled reputation by consistently offering back office administration, company formation and registration to help foreign companies in India.

Setting up a business in India is difficult for foreign companies that have little or no knowledge of the legalities, bureaucracy and marketplace. Since 2000, Maier+Vidorno has been offering substantial help to such companies in setting up their business in India, aside from handling office administration for them. The company further provides expert advice on structuring a business and business expansion in Indian market to its clients. Maier+Vidorno does not only serve newcomer foreign companies but also those long established in India.

Speaking about the solutions offered by Maier+Vidorno, Francesco Motka, founding partner said, “Our aim is to provide effective administrative services solutions and pragmatic consulting. We provide basic and essential help to foreign companies that want to establish their business in India. Apart from office solutions, company formation, and business registration, we also assist our clients in basic accounting, payroll, taxation and legal compliance services. When it comes to registration of a new company, we advise clients on business areas that need prior registration and help them navigate through registration process as cost effectively as possible. Our corporate registration solutions range from tax registrations and labor law registrations to trademark registration and registration of manufacturing sites and activities.”

Maier+Vidorno supports manufacturers who need to import, warehouse, transport and invoice, and provides outsourcing solutions as well. It coordinates and manages different aspects like importing, warehousing, local transport, invoicing and collection. The clients get the advantage of controlling leading their business in India by the help of financial performance review, operational performance review and employee performance review. It provides affordable access to internationally experienced managers who lend their expertise in solving problems faced by Indian subsidiaries and improve organizational backbone.

“Our legal compliance team has great expertise in helping companies that plan to start a business in India. We guide companies in deciding which legal presence and legal entity is right for you. We help clients in getting approvals from Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Reserve Bank of India and Registrar of Companies. Clients also seek our help and guidance for opening bank accounts, tax registrations, import licenses and employee registrations”, the senior executive added further.

The in-depth understanding of problems faced by foreign companies in India enables Maier+Vidorno to offer right solutions and tools to its clients. It implements sustainable solutions for solving identified problems and strategies for sustainable growth. It also offers help to foreign companies for making organizational HR structuring, benchmarking compensation models, assessment of employees and changing management. Accordingly, Maier+Vidorno is trusted by many for Company Registration in India.

About Maier+Vidorno

Established by Klaus Maier and Francesco Motka in 2000, Maier+Vidorno offers practical solutions to companies that want to set up their business in India. It helps clients in registering their business and provides solutions for administrative services. At present, it is capable of offering 360 degree solutions to international manufacturers who want to sell their products in India. Maier+Vidorno is known as the best company for handling procedure for formation of company in India .

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