Maier and Vidorno Offering Indian Market Entry Consulting Services for Foreign Firms

Maier+Vidorno is a business consultancy firm which offers market entry support to European and American investors keen on starting business ventures in India.

Foreign companies looking forward to starting business ventures in India often find it hard to get through the red tape involved. There is a lot of legal paperwork and decisions that needs attention and it might take more time than estimated by the firm. Maier+Vidorno wasestablished in 2000 to help European, Japanese and American investors to start up their business ventures with legal guidance. The firm is offering market entry consulting services to their customers on the company formation process.

A representative with the firm quoted, “Our company strives to help those who want to set up their business in India, whether to form their own company, establish a joint venture with an existing company or acquire a company. In such a process, the company provides assistance in the area of legal procedures.”

The booming economy in India has not gone un-noticed by countries all over the world. Companies across the world have shown interest in investing capital in India to start their businesses, but need to deal with the slow bureaucracy. There are so many legalities that need to be sorted out by the company. To help out with legal issues M+V provides close assistance. They advise clients about the company registration process and funding issues.

Klaus Maier, founder of M+V said, “Everything managed under our guidance is done with efficiency and accuracy. Besides advising clients about legal compliance, we provide services like assessment of the target market and business plan preparation. We also offer consultancy services for joint ventures and merger and acquisition, human resources, market research and much more.”

Maier+Vidorno offers a gamut of services to respond to the fundamental issues of foreign companies who want to invest in India. With the help of an experienced legal compliance team, the firm is able to help their customers in understanding the basics of ‘how to establish a company in India. Their team focuses on core goals in business development, sales and marketing..

About The Company:

Maier+Vidorno has expertise in developing successful and sustainable market-entry and market-expansion strategies for European, Japanese and American companies. They help foreign companies to set-up wholly owned Indian subsidiary companies in sectors where 100% foreign direct investment is permitted under the FDI policy. The firm deals in consultancy and outsourcing services, which helps investors in the process of their growth in the Indian market economy.

Contact Information:
Plot 52, Udyog Vihar Phase VI, Sector 37, Gurgaon 122001, India
TEL: +91.124.4121600
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