Magnolia Regional Health Center Partners With AMC Health on Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

AMC Health, the leading Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Virtual Care services provider, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Magnolia Regional Health Center (MRHC). 

"After an extensive search and review of many prospective solution providers, AMC Health was selected based on their experience and the flexibility of their solution offering," said Brian Davis, MRHC Chief Information Officer. "We spent considerable time and due diligence to find the appropriate partner for our RPM needs - and AMC Health's 20+ years of leadership in the RPM space, as well as the inherent flexibility of their platform to meet not only our needs as a community health system but also the disparate needs of our patient community, made AMC Health the right choice for MRHC." 

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) will be the initial focus of MRHC's RPM program with the goal of expanding its remote care initiatives to support patients with other chronic conditions such as COPD, diabetes, and hypertension. AMC Health offers a broad offering of chronic and acute conditions that can be monitored by RPM, leveraging an FDA Class II cleared platform with advanced analytics and machine learning technology as well as 20 years of experience in RPM.

MRHC's RPM program will support CHF patients through a combination of monitoring and education utilizing Bluetooth devices, as well as patient engagement and education tools. AMC Health's CHF RPM program works alongside MRHC's existing treatment plans to improve patient care and access to care, reduce costly readmissions, improve outcomes, influence healthy behaviors, and promote self-management.

"We believe that the ability to remotely monitor and engage patients in their care will become fundamental to our evolving care model, and we're excited to work with AMC Health to accomplish this goal," commented Ben Long, M.D. (Hospitalist & Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Magnolia Regional Health Center).

MRHC Care Navigators will manage their CHF patients through the AMC Health CareConsole platform, which allows the Care Navigators and providers to provide early interventions and better care to their patients. 

"We are pleased to partner with Magnolia Regional Health Center in this agreement to utilize RPM and apply predictive analytics and risk stratification to identify patients who are at a higher risk as well as to enable life-saving clinical interventions," said AMC Health CEO Nesim Bildirici. "Earlier interventions, as well as the consideration of social determinants of health, will have a tremendous impact on not only improving clinical outcomes but also on the quality of life for these patients."

About AMC Health: 

Founded in 2002, AMC Health's Virtual Care and Remote Patient Monitoring suite of solutions leverages a superior analytics platform and a simple user interface which integrates easily into clinical workflows. AMC Health's advanced, real-time, analytics-driven, virtual care solutions have driven outstanding and measurable outcomes to hundreds of thousands of patients across the healthcare continuum, including payers, provider systems and governmental agencies. 

Its FDA Class II cleared, clinical decision support platform is combined with end-to-end, clinical and support RPM services that enable healthcare organizations to confidently extend their services beyond the four walls of hospital and ambulatory clinic settings. 

AMC Health's unparalleled corpus of peer-reviewed, published studies highlights clinical improvements for conditions including heart failure, diabetes, and hypertension, resulting in reductions in hospital admissions and substantial financial returns on investment. For more information, visit

About Magnolia Regional Health Center:

MRHC is a 200-bed acute care community hospital that is jointly owned by the City of Corinth and Alcorn County, Mississippi. The hospital is fully accredited by The Joint Commission and has been in existence since 1965. In that time, MRHC has grown into the largest employer in Alcorn County.

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AMC Health

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Magnolia Regional Health Center 

Source: AMC Health