Magix Illuminate I Born

Magix Illuminate is an open source web application development framework, where you do not need to develop to create web apps. Magix Illuminate I was born the 11.11.11 11:11:11, in the 11th Timezone

The first stable release of Magix Illuminate has been released.

Magix is a new way of thinking about OOP. The architecture Magix builds upon, replaces OOP. This new paradigm makes it possible to 'orchestrate apps together', instead of having to create difficult to understand code.

Self evolving apps, transparent scaling-out capabilities, 100% perfect encapsulation, runtime polymorphism, and emerging qualities - Being only some of its side effects, according to Thomas Hansen, the inventor of Magix and its underlaying architecture.

"At one level you can call it Visual Lisp. At another level, it's the last design pattern you'll ever need to understand. The one design pattern that replaces all others. At another level, it's the mechanisms of DNA, implemented in software, such that it can evolve on hardware. Magix is easy to understand, but very hard to explain. Simply because its consequences covers so much geography. It's actually very much breadth taking", says Thomas.

Here is what Thomas Hansen, its inventor, claims in one of the videos on the website:

"Within 6 years from now, utilizing Magix, you will be 40.960 times as productive as you are today. This is because your productivity starts scaling exponentially every 6 months, because everything you do becomes reusable, and runtime configurable. And you start at 10x. When we say that you do not need to develop to create apps, it's because you can reuse everything we've ever done on top of Magix ourselves, and tie it together in an unbelievably high amount of different permutations. However, the resolution of level at where you can reuse is at HTML single individual element attribute level, if you wish. Reuse is the only constant in Magix. This has so many positive side effects, that to simply list them all, by keywords, would take several press releases. I can prove every number here though, and even explain why it occurs." - Says Thomas, 100% confident in that everyone who looks into his work will confirm it easily, after some initial skepticism.

The company's official guarantee though is 10x10x10x10x10x, meaning if you purchase a commercial license for $49, then for 10 months, if you use Magix, you will become at least 10x as productive, and use a 10th of your resources, to deliver 10x the quality. If you at any time, during the next 10 months after you purchase a proprietary license, should somehow feel, for any reasons, that Magix have not delivered upon that promise, or won't be able to, Ra-Software will pay you back the money you spent on your license.

Magix is though 100% Open Source, and can be used for free. Its entire architecture is described in a 60 pages free Commons Creative licensed document, available at its website.

Ra-Software, Inc., the company behind Magix, sells commercial licenses for $49 per developer, which includes:

* Ajax Library
* O/RM library
* MVC Framework
* CMS/Publishing system
* Vanity QR Code Generator
* Enterprise Data Management Modules
* File Manager
* Development IDE
* Runtime
* Professional Support
* Pixel Perfect display of apps across iPads, iPhones and Androids with the same codebase

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