MAG-City Marketing's Top Leaders Compete for Trip to Mexico

The management of MAG-City Marketing announced that associates in the firm were putting forth their best efforts to earn a trip to Punta Cana, Mexico. Individuals who meet the qualifications will be selected to go. 

“This is the travel opportunity our people look forward to all year,” said Mikea, MAG-City Marketing’s Director of Operations. “We call it our rest and relaxation because it’s a reward for the hard work and commitment these individuals demonstrate each day.” 

As Mikea explained, those who qualify for this all-expenses-paid travel are the top leaders in the MAG-City Marketing office. “These are the people who assist in hiring others who share our passion for getting results,” she said. “They are diligent in all that they do. All the people who qualify are extremely consistent in surpassing their goals. Their work ethic and positive attitude are unmatched.” 

"We call it our rest and relaxation because it's a reward for the hard work and commitment these individuals demonstrate each day."


Director of Operations

Mikea offered an example of what a top performer might look like. “This would be a person who thrives on launching new campaigns and representing new companies,” she stated. “He or she revels in a chance to attend a cross-regional training session and learn new techniques that make our model more effective. They incorporate their new knowledge and share it with others. Bottom line, they work hard, but they make it look easy because they’re so committed to helping everyone achieve growth.” 

MAG-City Marketing Director of Operations on the Benefits of Business Travel 

MAG-City Marketing offers travel as one of the perks their associates enjoy. Mikea noted that in addition to being a great incentive, the firm and team members alike benefit from taking trips together. 

“There’s no question, when we’re heading somewhere together, especially a place in which we can unwind like Punta Cana, it’s easy to forge stronger working bonds,” she said. “We come back to the office with fun memories to share. This fosters better trust, collaboration, and communication amongst our people.” 

Individuals who are selected to go on these trips benefit from networking with influential industry leaders. “Both the leadership conferences and the R&R retreats offer our people a chance to connect with experts and others who can have a profound impact on their career paths,” Mikea said. “This helps them establish their own names while they gain confidence in the work they do.” 

“I know I look forward to hitting the road or hopping on a plane to a great destination,” Mikea concluded. “It’s even more special to be joined by talented people who share our vision for company success.” 

About MAG-City Marketing

MAG-City Marketing is an interactive marketing firm, with a team of goal-focused promotional specialists. They offer on-site campaigns that boost product awareness and consumer excitement while expanding market share for businesses. The firm’s name for success in the field has enabled the team to extend their reach into new regions, enhancing their ability to forge new partnerships and grow brands in different demographics. The firm’s experience and commitment to their core values sets them apart from other marketing groups. Find out more about their work at ​ 


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