MAG-City Marketing Takes Opportunity to Attend Conference

​In the interest of professional growth, several members of the MAG-City Marketing team recently attended a leadership conference. The firm’s Director of Operations discussed the event and explained how it shapes advancement.

“The conference was a huge success, as these types of events usually are,” said Mikea, the MAG-City Marketing Director of Operations. “I invited Brook, Ronald, Mairim, Jeffries, Camille, and Hannah to attend with me. They are all new leaders who show great promise. I wanted them to get a taste of networking, as well as some exposure to best business practices in use all over the country.”

Mikea confirmed that the MAG-City Marketing did benefit greatly from their participation in the gathering. They connected with influential people, honing their communication skills every step of the way. The group also attended several presentations and workshops that informed their approach to sales and marketing.

"I noticed after we returned to the office my colleagues were more motivated than ever."


Director of Operations

“I noticed after we returned to the office my colleagues were more motivated than ever,” Mikea stated. “They now have a lot more intensity. Everyone is eager to follow up with their new connections and apply everything they learned to their campaign work. I almost have to pull them back and get them to refocus on one concept at a time!”

MAG-City Marketing Director Explains Company Promotion Policy 

According to Mikea, attendance at industry events is one of the many ways MAG-City Marketing associates develop themselves professionally. She provides them with many other tools to facilitate their growth as well. For instance, she ensures that every new hire is paired with an experienced manager. This way, all team members received individualized attention to ensure their success.

“I also make sure everyone is sufficiently challenged,” she continued. “I don’t want to assign work that is so difficult it will frustrate people, but I do want them to push beyond their comfort zones and stretch their potential. Not only do their capabilities increase, their confidence soars as well. Even when they fall short of expectations, they feel good for having tried. They learn from their mistakes and do better next time.”

There are several indicators Mikea looks for when determining whether someone is ready for promotion. “People must master the knowledge and skills needed to move forward,” she concluded. “They must also reach the level of campaign management. They need to be good examples for their peers, setting the pace for the team, the events, and the office overall. Punctuality is a big thing too, as is mental preparation and a positive attitude. With these tools, there are no limits to what our associates can do.”

About MAG-City Marketing:

MAG-City Marketing is an interactive marketing firm, with a team of goal-focused promotional specialists. They offer on-site campaigns that boost product awareness and consumer excitement while expanding market share for businesses. The firm’s name for success in the field has enabled the team to extend their reach into new regions, enhancing their ability to forge new partnerships and grow brands in different demographics. The firm’s experience and commitment to their core values sets them apart from other marketing groups. Find out more about their work at


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