MAG-City Marketing Announces New Internship Program

​The managers of MAG-City Marketing announced they will be starting a new internship program for college students and recent college graduates. The program offers opportunities for individuals to gain real-world business experience.

According to Robin, a MAG-City Marketing manager, they set up this internship program out of a desire to develop business leaders. “We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to get an inside feel for what we do,” she said. “Interns can take on leadership positions and gain experience in inventory management and developing a team. This is a chance for them to take control of their futures by immersing themselves in business.”

“This will not have your typical internship work, like getting coffees and copies,” Robin emphasized. “This is a chance for people to augment what they’ve learned in the classroom with real-world experience. We are really excited to help them reach their potential!”

"Candidates with open minds and a desire to learn will thrive here."



As Robin explained, interns will undergo the same training available to MAG-City Marketing’s entry-level associates. “These individuals are part of our team,” she said. “They can look forward to learning in a positive atmosphere that is super high energy. We like to have fun and be successful. Our team nights and other activities really bring out our people’s enthusiasm for their jobs and our company. Our interns can even qualify for travel opportunities as well as future options to grow with us.”

MAG-City Marketing Executive Describes Ideal Candidates for Internship

Robin shared that there are three key qualities that set the ideal MAG-City Marketing intern candidate apart from the rest. “We seek individuals who are positive, have a great work ethic, and possess a desire to absorb as much knowledge as possible,” she stated.

Experience in sales and marketing is not necessary. “In fact, we would actually prefer someone with no experience so that we can teach them exactly what we need to know,” explained Robin. “Our training and coaching program is immersive. From day one, our new people participate in campaign development as they work alongside seasoned pros. We value everyone’s input so they’ll be able to contribute right from the start and build their resumes.”

“Candidates with open minds and a desire to learn will thrive here,” Robin added “We will teach them many things that will be applicable to any future experience they will have in their careers.”

To apply for an internship, visit the website at

​About MAG-City Marketing:

MAG-City Marketing is an interactive marketing firm, with a team of goal-focused promotional specialists. They offer on-site campaigns that boost product awareness and consumer excitement while expanding market share for businesses. The firm’s name for success in the field has enabled the team to extend their reach into new regions, enhancing their ability to forge new partnerships and grow brands in different demographics. The firm’s experience and commitment to their core values sets them apart from other marketing groups. Find out more about their work at


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