Mafco® Announces New Category-Specific Magna-Brand Products

Introducing 6 New Magna-Branded Product Categories that Address the Most Challenging Flavor Problems

 Mafco®, the global leader in licorice products, is pleased to announce our new category-specific, multi-tasking Magna-Brand products that address today's most challenging product and flavor-formulation problems.

"As the global leader in licorice extracts and all derivatives from the root, we are proud to announce the launch of our latest products that, by selective compounding, are some of the most cost-effective and efficacious for Taste Modulation. Whether masking protein off-notes, caffeine, or other bitter-inducing compounds, amplifying salty and umami taste, reducing sugars, and amplifying natural tasting sweetness to improve flavor or adding mouthfeel to low-fat products, these latest Magna-Branded products are sure to deliver," says Richard Davidson, SVP of Sales, R&D, and Marketing.

New category-specific, Magna-Branded products

MagnaPharma™ - Masks even the most challenging pharmaceutical application flavor issues

MagnaTaste™ - Capture and enhance the magnificent taste and mouthfeel of your products

MagnaProteinMask™ - Provides optimized taste and mouthfeel, in all forms of protein

MagnaB-Block™ - Caffeine and all other sources of "bitter" don't stand a chance

MagNaBoost™ - Supports overall sodium-reduction, by amplifying salty & umami taste

MagnaSweet® - Reduce sugars, amplify natural tasting sweetness and improve flavor

Mafco's world-class technical team is available to provide Magna-Brand product selection and suggested dosage information, as well as formulation development assistance.

Available in powder or liquid versions and may be declared as natural flavor* on label.
*Depending on function and/or dosage level in product

Learn more about the newest line of Magna-Branded products here.

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Tammy Wenzel
Senior Marketing Manager, Mafco

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