Maestra Launches Online Automatic Transcription Software to Instantly Turn Audio to Text

Transcription Text Editor

With Maestra, an automatic transcription and captioning software company, content creators can now automatically transcribe their audio files to text online, in just minutes.

Maestra works by allowing users to upload their audio and video files through its online platform, then automatically transcribing the audio to text by leveraging the power of speech recognition and machine learning technology.

“Our goal is to allow content creators to easily and affordably turn their video and audio files to text,” said Maestra co-founder Berkay Atatop. “Transcripts have become such an important part of the content-creation process, and we want to help people share their message and save valuable time by not having to manually type out their audio files.”

Automatically transcribed files can be easily edited through Maestra’s custom-built text editor and exported in a variety of formats such as pdf, docx, and txt. Additionally, content creators can use Maestra's cloud-based sharing feature to create public links and openly share their transcripts online.

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With Maestra's automatic online tools, content creators can instantly transcribe, caption, and voice-over video and audio files to more than 50 foreign languages, enabling them to reach viewers in all parts of the world.

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