"Made in Italy" Quality Internationally Recognized.

Thanks to Ekleipsis, Cariboni Group wins Design Plus Award 2016

The Design Plus Award, organized by Light + Building and the German Design Council, is a prestigious award in the field of industrial design that is assigned to products characterized by design, innovation and sustainability. Cariboni group founds its belief in these principles and Ekleipsis was recognized for the high-grade design quality, innovative prowess, and technological and ecological quality.

Indirect light luminaire for ceiling, surface, recess, bollard and pole installation. It is a complete indoor and outdoor lighting system available in three different sizes, equipped exclusively with high efficiency and long-lasting LED light sources.

Once again, the "Made in Italy" is internationally recognized for its exceptional quality.

Ekleipsis was shaped by its own light to design an original LED system able to guarantee a high visual comfort. Cariboni designers started with a circle, a pure geometry, that is adaptable to different applications. After selecting LED MedPower light sources, they placed them inside the focus of the parabolic section of a white reflector.

Ekleipsis was born: a ring of light, merged in an aluminium disk, has been awarded for the high quality design, the innovative value and the technological and eco-system. Ekleipsis was on display at Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main, during the entire period of the fair (13 - 18.3.2016).