Mad Mud LLC Offers a Collection of Outdoor Products, Work Boots, Hunting Gear and More

New site offers deals on outdoors and hiking products

A new site, Mad Mud LLC, is dedicated to helping outdoor lovers find the gear they need to have fun.

“We love the outdoors, and we know that other people do, too,” owner Jason Stewart said. “We want to give people a single, convenient place to find everything they need to have a great time and enjoy the outdoors.”

The site offers a whole range of products, including equipment for outdoor sports, gear for camping and hiking and food that can be taken on outdoor treks. There is an apparel and footwear section, as well. The site offers a wide range of products, from Under Armour storm-resistant clothing to knee boots, hip boots and waders for fishing.

Among the other items for sale include work boot and work shoes, tents, gear for hunting and parts for motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs.

 “We really want outdoor junkies to be able to find everything they need to be equipped on our site,” Stewart said. “Whether they’re looking for a rechargeable light or a way to keep track of their pet when they’re out on a walk or a hike,” we’ve got something for them.

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