Mad Marketplace Launches Program to Help Organizations Raise Money

Mad Marketplace has launched a partnership opportunity for those who have an organization that needs help raising money. Once an organization is approved they can earn 10% of all purchases made on their account.

Non-profits of all shapes and sizes will benefit from partnering with The MAD Marketplace.

Help the world become a better place with a simple click. MAD Marketplace has launched Better Together, a partnership opportunity for those who have a cause, school group, organization, charity, or any other group that needs help raising money. People who want to participate submit an application, and once an application is approved the organization is able to receive 10% of the purchases made when someone uses their unique link to the store.  

All the products on the site that are purchased also have a greater cause such as ending human trafficking, helping woman entrepreneurs in developing countries, or providing hearing aids to children around the world. Supporters of a Better Together organization will be able to purchase popular brand name products like Roma Boots, Better Life Bags, and People Water while helping their organization of choice at the same time.

Visit for more information on how to get involved. Because everything is better if we do it together!

Source: The MAD Marketplace


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