MAD by Majda & Dario Introduces an Imaginative Twist on Couple Gifting With the Great Love Stories Collection

Delightful Great Love Stories personalized key chains sets collection will inspire awesome couples to share their love stories with the world.

King and Queen of Hearts personalized key chain set

Designers and spouses, Majda and Dario from MAD by Majda & Dario are releasing the brand new Great Love Stories Collection, and each product will be individually handcrafted from their home studio in Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Great Love Stories Collection will be released internationally on March 12, 2019.

MAD by Majda & Dario is known for helping couples so they can easily find meaningful, imaginative, matching gifts because even the proven couples sometimes have difficult times picking the right birthday or anniversary gift which will bring back great memories and put the biggest smile on their partner’s face.

Thus, for the first time, Majda and Dario have created an entire product line of their favorite and most popular key chain sets for couples.

This highly-anticipated collection is inspired by the greatest love stories and couples in history, and it features puzzle-, heart- and infinity-shaped key chainsets. It also draws on the incredibly popular current trends of personalized exclusive gifts and matching accessories. From puzzle-shaped sets with couple’s initials and date in trendy turquoise to heart-shaped sets with couple’s names in neutral black and white, there is something for everyone to love in this collection.

The collection will be exclusively sold on the website where the limited products are scheduled to sell out by the end of the season.

The key chain sets are designed to showcase different types of couples with unique love stories that make couples feel like heroes of the great novels or TV shows while still being their true selves. Some key chain sets even include two different designs (e.g., a colorful and neutral one) which mean ladies will be able to easily choose a matching gift their boys will gladly wear.

Each set of personalized key chains has its name. The collection revives the most remarkable love stories such as passionate love of Romeo and Juliet, the perfect matching between Bonnie and Clyde and other everlasting couples such as:

  • King and Queen of Hearts 
  • Pierre and Marie
  • Majda and Dario
  • Albert and Mileva

Great Love Stories Collection ranges in price from $12.50 to $34.00 for a set.

Majda and Dario are excited to welcome their fans to their new handmade product line collection they’ve been requesting.

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For more information about Great Love Stories or an interview with Majda and Dario Babovic, please write to Media high-res photos are available upon request.

About MAD by Majda & Dario

Majda and Dario started designing personalized gifts for couples after they started facing a very real problem. What do you gift to your creative, designer partner after many years of dating? After many months of creating personalized gifts by hand, MAD by Majda and Dario’s products started gaining notability amongst the personalized gifts industry.

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MAD by Majda & Dario started as design project of creating original gifts for friends and family in 2017 and grew into offering a range of personalized yet imaginative gifts. The gifts aim to encourage more creativity and love sharing in daily life.

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