Macon, Georgia: Home of the World's First Solar-Powered Mobility Network

Macon, Georgia, is competing with Elon Musk's Las Vegas Loop and Richard Branson's Hyperloop Transportation to become the center for innovative transportation. Macon's Mayor Lester Miller signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Georgia Mobility Company to build JPods' solar-powered mobility networks.

Tesla, JPods, and Hyperloops are all self-driving vehicles on grade-separated guideways (think freeways). JPods' patent adds solar-powering the networks.

Communications digitized with the internet, replacing rotary telephones. Mobility is digitizing with JPods, moving people and freight with efficiencies that approach the 400+ ton-mpg efficiency of freight railroads. Roads operate with the 25-mpg efficiency of the Model-T.

Because of this increase in efficiency, no government funding is required and five percent of gross revenues are paid, so Macon-Bibb County benefits from Rights of Way use.

The Macon Network personalizes the success of the Wuppertal suspended train and Morgantown PRT. On-demand mobility is available regardless of age, ability or wealth. Visitors, shoppers, commuters, and families will have on-demand access to mobility.  

When someone pushes a button in an elevator, they are riding in a vertical "pod." JPods are a network of Horizontal-Elevators™. JPods are like a personal car, except people do not have to fill them with gas or find a parking space. A cell phone tells the pod where they wish to go. People get in and go non-stop from their origin to their destination. No riding with people who are not in the same party. No waiting at a bus stop. JPods are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People can even carry two bikes inside with them.

Safety is improved 10,000 times over road traffic, as JPods comply with Georgia's laws for grade-separated theme park rides.

Solar-powered mobility networks (JPods) were invented by Bill James, Patent 6,810,817. Bill, an infantry veteran, invented JPods to answer the calls to action by eight U.S. presidents to end foreign oil addiction and to address climate change.

Charlie Fletcher, Chairman of Georgia Mobility Company, a West Point classmate of Bill, believes "What is happening in Macon will improve the lives of the people of Macon and help secure America's energy future." Fletcher, a retired Major General, was the Commanding General for the Army's transportation and ran logistics for the rebuilding of Iraq.

Auta Lopes and JT Williams, the co-CEOs of Georgia Mobility Company, chose Macon. Lopes notes, "Macon is ideally located to build the factories and jobs to supply cities in the Southeast." Williams, a former Trustee of Mercer University and developer of Atlanta's master-planned community Eagles Landing, notes, "Macon, Georgia, will be the birthplace of solar-powered mobility in the same way Kitty Hawk was the birthplace of flying. Macon will draw people from around the world to study sustainable technologies and the fun of riding on the world's first solar-powered mobility network."

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Source: Georgia Mobility Company

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