Mackenzie Phillips Actress/Program Director on: Rises in Addiction Amidst COVID- 19

Increased stressors can increase compulsive behaviors, while the COVID situation also provides opportunity to get help.

Mackenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips Actress/Author/Program, Director at Breathe Life Healing Centers, discusses the increases in stress, grief, loss and trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on the increase of compulsive behaviors, including addiction, eating disorders and complex trauma mental health. 

Mackenzie Phillips has worked at Breathe Life Healing Centers to support awareness of addiction, client care and recovery. As an advocate for total health and wellbeing in recovery, she discusses the impact COVID-19 can have. 

It is often said the five biggest stressors for a person is death, divorce, major illness, job loss, and moving. Many people during this pandemic have experienced two or more. Coping with one is hard enough, coping with several becomes complex. Addiction and other compulsive behaviors are generally the symptoms of underlying issues. These underlying issues are generally the impact of complex trauma. In fact, COVID-19 has created a complex trauma event that can be overwhelming and immobilizing. 

Mackenzie discusses solutions to heal by utilizing time off from job loss, tension at home, and opportunity to heal grief. 

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