Machine Learning, Big Data, AI-Enhanced Crowdsourcing Technology and More Offered in Qmarkets' Cutting-Edge Product Release

Qmarkets Spring Product Release

​​Qmarkets - the idea management software provider trusted by leading brands such as Ford, Philip Morris International, and Lufthansa - has announced a product release which includes new features that will allow customers to dramatically improve the way they drive company-wide innovation.

Acclaimed by customers and analysts alike for its pioneering crowdsourcing technology, Qmarkets has established itself as a trendsetter on the innovation management landscape when it comes to new features. This latest product release solidifies that reputation with a variety of cutting-edge new capabilities for pinpointing valuable ideas, simplifying workflows, and automating task allocation.

A main highlight of Qmarkets’ latest product release is the automated idea clustering feature. Launching a company-wide innovation campaign at a large organization can result in thousands of ideas within a matter of weeks, many of which are often closely related to each other, and sometimes complementary. The auto-clustering feature developed by Qmarkets uses a data-mining algorithm to cluster similar ideas into focused concepts with the click of a button, making the initial idea filtration process more intuitive and efficient than ever before.

“In accordance with Qmarkets’ future vision for big data, and using the data that was accumulated in the system in order to make better decisions in the future, we’re really excited to share these new idea management and automation features with our customers,” shared Sivan Leshem, VP of Product at Qmarkets. “Our engineers are always pushing the boundaries of crowdsourcing technology, and we’re confident that these new features will not only make life easier than ever for ‘power users’ on our platform, but also help them to make more intelligent and balanced decisions.”    

In addition to idea collection and task management upgrades, the release includes a dedicated multi-dimensional data-visualization tool – ‘Sonar’. This tool can be used to gain a strategic overview of activities taking place on the system, cross-referencing multiple key metrics, including idea risk, value, feasibility, location, category, and more.

Qmarkets has also added a dedicated integration with Facebook Workplace to its family of enterprise social integrations in this release. This allows customers to conduct brainstorming and collaboration activities on the Facebook Workplace platform directly, and automatically migrate the ideas, comments, and data it generates directly into the Qmarkets system for evaluation, analysis, and workflow progression.

The spring release is just the latest addition to a sophisticated platform which Qmarkets has been steadily building upon for more than a decade. Sivan Leshem commented on her vision for the future of Qmarkets’ products. “Our customers dictate the trajectory of our product development. Going forward, we’ll continue to sharpen our crowdsourcing technology to make the journey from ideation to implementation even more efficient. Our spring release gives only a taste of the exciting new things to come.”  

About Qmarkets
Qmarkets is an established leader in the field of idea and innovation management, offering solutions to enable enterprises around the world to leverage the wisdom of the crowd. The flexible software provided by Qmarkets is designed to help clients manage their innovation processes from end to end, as well as locate, analyze, and implement groundbreaking ideas effectively.

Qmarkets has developed a reputation over the last 10 years for delivering one of the most comprehensive crowdsourcing platforms in the world. Recognized by leading analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, MWD Advisors and Info-tech, Qmarkets offers unmatched technical and design flexibility to their extensive list of leading global clients; including Ford, Lufthansa, AB InBev, Philip Morris International, Bridgestone, and many more.

Qmarkets’ software offering extends beyond innovation management to include products focusing on process improvement, continuous improvement, and operational excellence; open innovation with customers and business partners; technology scouting for enterprise M&A opportunities; and digital employee engagement.

The innovation management solutions offered by Qmarkets are completed by a commitment to customer success. This is shown by Qmarkets’ global team, and supported through best-practices, workshops, training, professional services, and more.

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