Machine Learning Based Threat Analytics Tools: Ensuring a Secure Network and Improved Cybersecurity Posture

IDC White Paper Sponsored by LinkShadow - an innovative cybersecurity organization.

LinkShadow - Next-Generation Cybersecurity Analytics supports IDC with their recent white paper that talks about how the adoption of machine learning-based threat analytics tools will be critical for organizations in the coming years.

Today, the ever-evolving technologies advanced security analytics platforms gather data from different sources - be it internal network traffic or the security solutions implemented to cover all the gaps and help visualize threats at different stages to provide organizations with a complete overview to ease response to threats.

This IDC white paper will go into the details about using Machine Learning to advance Threat Hunting capabilities which will help in complementing the security tools already in place. This will enhance the overall security infrastructure and give security teams an edge against advanced threats.

LinkShadow is a Next-Generation Cybersecurity Platform with Behavior Analytics and extensive Machine Learning capabilities to detect both cyber and internal threats.  LinkShadow has a wide range of solutions that focuses on every level of your security team whether C level Management with the CXO Managerial Dashboards, visualization & VR. Security Analysts with the advanced machine learning algorithm use cases & SOC team with threats prioritization. 

“Being ahead of adversaries and preempting their next step is a top priority for any security team and to be successful in this task, organizations have to be equipped with the right investigating and threat hunting tools. This IDC report is a valuable source of information on the adoption of enhanced threat intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities. LinkShadow’s core value proposition is threat hunting with the use of machine learning that can defeat the next generation of cybercriminals and gives you a complete view of your network and can prioritize response to incidents or threats based on the severity of a risk,” said Fadi Sharaf, sales director, LinkShadow.

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