MacCase Begins Pre-Ordering of New iPad Pro Cases

Taking orders for new models from drawings as production begins

MacCase has begun taking pre-orders for 6 new models of iPad Pro cases. These include a new Flight Jacket, a new Folio, a new Sleeve, a first ever Premium Leather Horizontal Briefcase as well as a new nylon Sleeve. The iPad Pro is Apple, Inc.’s newest and largest tablet computer to date. MacCase created the Apple-specific case market back in 1999. The new iPad Pro cases are part of both the company’s Standard Line and Premium Leather Collections.

Of course, now the company has to deliver. Each design is unique so the task is daunting.  The new models range in price from $29.95 for the nylon Sleeve up to $299.95 for the Premium Leather iPad Pro Shoulder Bag Bundle. This is the largest single roll out of new products for a specific Apple portable in MacCase’s history. Anyone interested in staying up to date with the company’s progress on their iPad Pro cases, or to place an order, can visit the company’s website,

"This is unprecedented for us. We have never taken orders for products that we didn't have an images for. We did some line drawings and posted those to the site and the orders started coming in. If you look at our other models you can get a good sense of what the iPad Pro models will be like. People are ordering based on that, which is exceptional"

Michael Santoro, Chief Creative Officer and President of MacCase

About MacCase

MacCase invented the Apple specific case market in 1999. The company offers two distinct products lines, one in nylon and one in leather that consists of a broad range of cases, messenger bags, sleeves, folios and backpacks for Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPad models. MacCase products can be found at MicroCenter,,,, MacMall, Airport Wireless, Shoebuy, Technology Showcase, and Ebags. MacCase products can also be purchased directly from