Maccabi World Union Announces the Appointment of Eric Rubin as Global Ambassador

Rubin joins Ido Aharoni as only the second Global Ambassador in the organization’s history

Eric Rubin, Maccabi World Union, newly appointed as global ambassador

Maccabi World Union (“MWU”) announced today the appointment of Eric Rubin as Global Ambassador. In this lay leadership position, Rubin will assist MWU with its representation in international forums, creating strategic partnerships with leading global sports institutions and leagues, and speaking out, and fighting against, antisemitism in sports.

Amir Gissin, CEO of MWU, said, “Eric is the perfect addition to MWU family at a very important time. Over the past few years, and especially in the past few months, we have seen a dramatic increase in antisemitism around the world, including in the global sports arena.” Gissin added, “MWU has always been at the forefront of combating antisemitism in sports and we are committed to enhancing our efforts. I have been fortunate to work with Eric on other initiatives over the last year and am confident that he will play an important role in the fight against antisemitism in sports." 

“This is one of the greatest honors of my career. There has never been a more important need to fight Jew hatred. I consider it a blessing that Amir has asked me to join him in the fight to rid the world of antisemitism in sports. I am looking forward to working with the Maccabi family all over the world, in a unified way, to achieve our objective," said Rubin

Rubin is one of the leaders in sports diplomacy and combating antisemitism and anti-Zionism in sports. He is the Executive Director of Project Max, which was co-founded by MWU and Sighteer, which combats, racism, antisemitism, and intolerance in sports. In addition, Rubin serves on the Advisory Board of Athletes for Israel and has led several delegations of professional athletes to Israel. Outside of the sports arena, Rubin serves in other nonprofit leadership roles. He is the Executive Director and a Board member of Together Vouch For Each Other U.S., an Arab-Israeli nonprofit organization; the President and Chairman of the Board of P3 Israel, a Texas-based non-profit making people-to-people and community-to-community connections between the U.S. and Israel; an Advisory Board Member of The International Legal Forum, which is fighting legal battles against terror, antisemitism, and de-legitimization of Israel; an Advisory Board Member of the Baltimore Zionist District; a Board member of Strength to Strength, a non-profit established to support victims of terrorism; and, President and CEO of Uncommon Charitable Impact, a 501(c)(3) donor advised fund.

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